28.5.2021  9pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA distributes 400 crts of packaged drinking water to our front line warriors @ Goa Police across interior Goa as well as hand sanitizers to the Inspector @ Sanguem Police Station .
☆☆ Mr Akash Pednekar our volunteer from Curchorem has been doing a wonderful service in rural Goa right from Quepem to Sanguem for over a year. 
Yesterday he offloaded 400 crts of packaged drinking water at these Police stations as we stand with the front line warriors. 
☆ Quepem 75 crts
☆ Curchorem 75 crts
☆ Sanguem 75 crts
☆ Ponda 100 crts
☆ Collem 75 crts.
Akash also handed over a few days earlier hand sanitizers to the entire staff of Sanguem Police Station.
Akash also regularly sanitizers the police stations in that area and he does it with a smile. 
If any locality in that area right from Quepem to Sanguem requires free sanitization please be free to call Mr Akash Pednekar on 8767548370.
Over the last 4 years , Goa Police too has supported our NGO by getting close to over 350 people of the streets into our shelter homes. 
Sometimes due to work pressure, the request for rehabilitation is just ignored by the police. 
We are only reminding our front line warriors @ Goa Police to little considerate towards the homeless street people. 
As this pandemic is creating alot of health issues,  our front line warriors too are taking the hit. 
We will be there in whatever little we can do to support @ Goa Police in different Police stations across Goa .
This is the least we can do .
You too can play your part .
If you wish to donate to the front line warriors please come forward. 
Small acts boost the front line warriors morale. 
While you and I and most of us are safe at home,  these front line warriors take alot of trouble implementing the lockdown. 
Weather too is turning wet with rains around the corner. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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