27.5.2021  8pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR , SANGOLDA , GOA , celebrates our 4th anniversary as a registeted food bank today. 
It's also a double occasion as , Our uncle,  Fr Walter Gomes, SFX , celebrates his 80th birthday today as well as 51 glorious years as a PRIEST .
Four years back,  Fr Walter ( loving known as Babush ) had blessed this program at Sangolda.
We went on to install close to 38 such fridges across Goa , before the pandemic started in March 20, which has practically slowed down the food banks .
As a registered NGO , we are known as STREET PROVIDENCE. 
We started with just 1 fridge for the 1st six months,  but we also opened up homes for these hungry homeless street people. 
Running a complicated and mammoth operation @ Street Providence , requires collaborators,  volunteers and supporters.
Today we recognize the following top 6 volunteers and 1 care giver for the year 2020-2021 and like last year , no function so we only presented them momentos. 
☆ 1. Inspector Tushar @ Mapusa Police Station,  who through his station has got over 160 homeless people into our home.
He and his entire staff make our paper work easy, simple and stress free .
☆ 2. Sr. Vandana , Provincial of St Clare , FMCK.
More of a COLLABORATOR , and has supported us to run a 2nd home for homeless street women , by providing FMCK nuns as care givers. 
Not many Provincials I can say would think of the homeless street women and would partner with a LAY organization. 
☆ 3. Prof Pai , a senior citizen & a Retd Goa University Prof , has been from Feb 2020 serving breakfast outside IPHB & GMC.
Pandemic or not,  Prof Pai is there daily at the hospitals,  be it sun , rain or the cold .
Feeding the hungry has become Prof Pai passion .
☆ 4. Mr. John Baptist , from Margao has been feeding breakfast outside district hospital from June 2020 till March 21 , when he got Covid.
Till Jan 21 , John used to be out handy man in our south goa homes attending and fixing our electrical and plumbing work,  FREE OF COST.
☆ 5. Mr Akash Pednekar,  from Curchorem has been volunteering for over a year with us .
Right from feeding dry ration kits to many families in rural goa, to paying poor families electricity bills , to sanitizing for free poor localities,  to feeding the poor right from Quepem to Sanguem,  Akash is our man .
☆ 6. Mrs Tanaya Vaigankar , our accountant for the last 4 years. 
Has been taking care of the office and the accounts diligently without a noise. 
Cool woman who never gets angry nor loses her nerves irrespective of the work pressure .
☆ Last is our care giver , Mr Asim .
Came 2 years back for rehabilitation and 
is currently doing the service as a care giver looking after the incapacitated men in our home.
He cleans,  baths,  shaves,  apply medication and bandages all with his NEPALI smile. 
A big thanks to Almighty God for these wonderful people who came into our life and played their role to perfection .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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