3.5.2021  8pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA stands with these front line Covid warriors @ Chicalim Health Centre , Goa .
♡♡ Dr Anil Umraskar , Health Officer, Sub District Hospital,  Chicalim , nurses and staff,  provides relief and a place to this homeless man Mr Muthuraj.
Read on.
Muthuraj , a homeless , was admitted into sub district hospital,  chicalim on 30.3.21.
Muthuvel a 30 yr old  having multiplfractures in left collar bone, right femur and left tibia. 
The left tibia fracture is complicated  and needed to be fixed with an Ilizarov external fixator , a complicated operation done with wires , spokes and metal rims.
It needs to be on him for 4 to 6 months, he can walk a little but it is painfull
Look at the video. 👇
Alcohol over took him which made him get to the streets. 
Young man .
The chicalim Hospital is being put to use for other purposes and this man would be need to get out of the hospital.
Dr called me  3 days back and requested a place to rehabilitate muthuraj. 
I quickly agreed inspite of the fear of COVID.
Risk is too high , but Psalm 91 takes away that fright.
Dr Anil , did his Covid test and other formalities and today got him dropped to our office at Sangolda .
Dr Anil & his team showed compassion & consideration to muthuraj.
I mean , Dr has other important things to do then finding place for this man .
But being a Dr,  Dr Anil played his part by requesting me to rehabilitate muthuraj .
Even if I wanted to say no , I just could not. 
Muthuraj has a round metal cage for his entire left leg. 
Never handled such a case before. 
And I am not sure who else Dr called or who else would have accepted him during this covid second wave. 
Muthuraj can hardly walk and can't wear a pant , only a towel. 
But I am sure , Dr and his team will be relieved that Muthuraj got a home to stay as the hospital is being used for other purpose and he just can't stay there any longer. 
Our work starts now,  not sure how to go ahead with muthuraj but God will show us the way. 
If there are such men in hospitals and no place to go , send me a whatsapp on 8380097564 , we can consider on case to case basis. No assurance. 
Our doors are always open for the homeless street people. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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