20.12.2020 11am
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA gets off the streets 2 old men who were on the streets of Margao. 
Attaching 2 videos of both the men when they were found on the streets 
Also attached their pictures with the ladies who took the trouble to get them off the streets. 
☆ 1. Johnson is a keralite , aged about 70+ years and was spotted by Mrs Audrey from Margao in front of Vishal theatre.
♡ Mrs Audrey spent alot of time and effort and even got close to an argument/disagreement with me as the process to get Johnson off the streets was taking time. 
But inspite of the frustration, Mrs Audrey held her nerves, tolerated all the procedure we asked her to follow and after about 15 days, completed all paperwork, treated him in the hospital for 3 days and last week herself admitted Johnson into our home at margao. 
Johnson is born in Kollam , Kerala but was staying in Valaynnur , Chikmangalore District, Karanataka.
His wife Puspha died and he has no children or any living family members .
Has been on the streets of Goa for close to 2 years looking to get food clothing shelter in his old age .
☆ 2. Yallapa was has been living on the bus stop of Guirdolim right through the pandemic and the rains .
♡ Sharon who is a SSVP member from Chandor got him off the streets. 
For close to 3 weeks Sharon has been trying to get all the paperwork done and finally last week she herself admitted Yallapa into our home in margao. 
Yallapa has no family of his own .
He was brought to work in one of the milk dairies in Guirdolim many years back .
But due to old age he was thrown out by the dairy owners. 
He went back to KARNATAKA but there too his brothers refused him entry .
So he reached back to Guirdolim and the bus stand was his home. 
Has TB which is due to hunger. 
Why do I write such details ?
It's to get you motivated and see if there are such poor old homeless people if you too can reach out too.
We just dont respond and run around to any queries of homeless people on streets but we request you to do all the paperwork and bring such homeless people to our homes. 
You will feel that joy and happiness when you run around getting the paperwork organized. 
We will rehabilitate as many as we can, till we can.
At the moment our only available space is at Margao.
Other homes are full.
Close to 35 such sick , old , infirmed, wheelchair bound, men are housed in this margao home. 
Not sure how long we will be able to house them in this home. 
Come play your part and be a help to those still on the streets looking for a hand to catch.
Support us in any way you can .
We require your support as running rehabilitation homes is a very expensive affair as non of the inmates pay us any charges. 
We are not Government funded .
We accept donation only through NEFT / CHEQUES along with your pan card copy .
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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