11.12.2020 4pm IST 
PRO OF HOSPICIO MARGAO , GOA , gets this homeless abandoned man admitted into our rehabilitation home at Margao 3 days ago from the hospital. 
♡ Mr Sarfarz is the PRO at Hospico Margao and he observed this elderly man not ready to leave the hospital even after treatment as he had no place to go.
Sarfarz made me a call and explained me the situation. 
Its Christmas season and I can not say no as we are a rehabilitation home for such genuine homeless abandoned and lonely elderly people. 
Sarfarz got all his paper work done like 
☆ 1. Police NOC
☆ 2. Covid test 
☆ 3. All his medical records 
☆ 4. MS letter as he was in a hospital
And put him in his own car and physically dropped him to our home at MARGAO.
Alot of love , care and guts shown by SARFARZ to get him to our home. 
Our Margao Home is the only available home where we can admitt atleast another 150 men .
All other homes are full and occupied. 
The day this home is shut , we will never ever be able to rehabilitate any more homeless people. 
♡♡ Thanks to Sr Shirley , the current Superior General of FHIC , for opening up this home to be used for the homeless and the abandoned without any RENT or CHARGES.
God bless Sr Shirley for her love and concern towards the homeless street men in Goa.
Usually in these times , no one is interested in helping and reaching out to destitudes.
Mostly we all preach but do not practice. 
Here Sr Shirley took a great move to open up this 10 year old closed abandoned school building for rehabilitation of destitudes 1 year back. 
I am aware that there are many more homeless men in multiple hospitals who can be rehabilitated in our homes.
If those working in government hospitals can be concerned and compassionate just like SARFARZ and co ordinate with me and get all paper work done , then let me know.
Our strength is homeless men .
As usual for the last 4 years , we operate only through SOCIAL MEDIA .
Incase you are unaware or just wondering, we only use SOCIAL MEDIA Platform to raise resources as well as share our work. 
Infact in july 2017 , only because of Social media, Sr Shirley and her nun had approached us to be part of the food bank.
Running rehabilitation homes requires lots of :
☆ Resources 
☆ Space 
☆ Care givers 
☆ Commitment 
☆ Hospital trips 
☆ Medication 
☆ Nutrition 
The expenses never stop. 
It's a tap which has to be kept open everyday. 
Imagine 100 + people in your home and you are just 3 years old as an NGO . 
Plus daily 800 mouths are fed on the streets a basic meal .
Plus the pandemic .
We daily ask for donations through our messages on Social media. 
Coming week after ZP counting is over , about 8 homeless men begging to get off the streets will be provided shelter once Police do the paper work. 
Some cases are very sad and very bad.
Your support is what drives us to go ahead inspite of complaints and cases registered against us.
For us it's the commitment to provide food clothing shelter medication to those on the streets .
Please support us in whatever you can.
No clothes please 
We accept donations only through cheque/ NEFT but with your PAN CARD copy and in kind. 
We offer you 80G exemption on all your donations. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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