1.12.2020 2pm IST 

☆☆ Rs 6 crorers or ( approx 1 million $ ) 
of food, aid, medicines and relief , distributed & spent towards the poor and needy by FOOD BANK & STREET PROVIDENCE in the last 3 years.
♡ To all the blessed Benefactors and Volunteers, a Big Thank You ♡
Without volunteers and benefactors we would not be able to reach out to so many across Goa.
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , today celebrates 3 years .
Exactly 3 years back on this day we formed our Trust .
Placing before you our work and all our projects .
Attached a sheet with the break up.
FOOD FREEZERS:- Since inception until Covid pandemic in March 2020, 38 food freezers were operational all over Goa.
☆ 2017-18 81,000.00 KGS
☆ 2018-19 140,400.00 KGS
☆ 2019-20 194,400.00 KGS
Year wise the following amount of food was collected. ; food was distributed to homeless street people and children ☆ totally amounting to 610,200 meals.
Each person was provided 500 gms (approx) of cooked edible food and in 3 years a total of 610,200 meals have been served.
This food would have surely ended up in the garbage dumps. 
♡ SHELTER HOMES :_ Totally 8 shelter Homes set up to care for homeless men and women. 
We also run a free home for HIV infected men who are from the streets. 
Most of the men in our homes are alcoholic and are used to substance abuse .
Since inception in December, 2017, 
300 Inmates have resided in our Homes. 
We provide them food, shelter, clothes, medicines and medical facilties, rehabiltitaiton and try to unite them with their families or help them to enter into the mainstream by providing jobs within the organisation.
3 wholesome meals free of cost provided to each inmate.
♡ MEDICINE BANK : Daily supplements like Shelcal and Becosule is given to each inmate to boost their immunity. 
In addition, based on the doctor's precription, medicines are provided to the inmates.
Psychiatric inmates seem more relaxed and in control of their personal emotions and activties after being administered drugs based on the doctor's recommendations. 
Those with scabies, dermatitis, Blood Pressure have healed and /or are on the road to healing with medicines administered. 
Over all health of the malnourished inmates has improved and many of them are now strong enough to help in the homes and in the distribution of food and rations to the poor in the villages of Goa.
☆ Meds & operations worth Rs 5 lacs dispensed in last 3 years.

☆ Used Clothes, Toiletries & Personal Items worth 190,000/- provided to inmates.

☆ KERALA FLOODS in August 2018 – 
1.5 crore worth of relief material was sent.

☆ HIV DRY RATIONS – since 2018 monthly 50 rations worth Rs 1000/- each was distributed to HIV + patients and their families. 
Since SEPTEMBER , 2020, 250 dry rations worth Rs 1000/- each ration is distributed to HIV+ persons & their families.
☆ FREE BREAKFAST distributed – started in feb 2020, serving 50 breakfast daily outsidr Government hospitals and now presently serving as follows:- 
♡ Mapusa –50
♡ Panjim – 50
♡ Margao – 50
☆ MEALS ON WHEELS ( MOW) – started in November 2020, serving free lunch and dinner as follows :
♡ Mapuca – 100
♡ Panjim – 100
♡ Vasco – 100
♡ Quepem – 60
♡ Curchorem – 60
♡ Sanguem – 60
♡ Margao – 100
☆ ORPHANAGES – 300 orphans were supported on children’s day with educational, recreational and food supplies. Same for December month and every month will follow .
☆ WATER BANK : 24 hours in Sangolda & Margao , free water can be accessed by those who are in need of portable water .
☆ HEALTH : Free ambulance service for the poor and needy from 2015. At the moment the ambulance is given to Chimbel health centre for Covid related activities free of cost. 
☆ COVID 19 : During the entire lockdown from late March till November , we have distributed approx Rs 39 lacs worth of food, medicines , sanitizers, masks etc throughout Goa all because of many many volunteers who supported us .
You need to be a giver to harvest a bountiful.
Once again a big thank you to all who played their part right from may 2017 when we started our 1st grudge toll Nov 2020.
God has bless you all for the support 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020324848.