29.11.2020 4pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA for the month of December is trying bring a smile to 300 orphans ( including street children) by taking care of a few of their requirements. 
☆ 14th November 2020 for Children Day / Diwali festival, we covered close to 300 orphans & street children and through social media we collected basic food stuff and stationary items and gave it ahead. 
We went back again and inquired with these 10 orphanges what else is their requirements for December and we compiled a small list .
☆ Attached is the list in excel. 
Please let me know before buying so that there is no duplication. 
If you require the list by email let me know .
But if you only can enlarge the attachment you can understand which home requires what .
The total cost per home may not be more than rs 5000.
You can pick and choose or even contribute part of any home requirement. 
☆ One orphanage required broadband and so we are arranging the same @ rs 10000 which includes installation and 6 months data , should be ready in 3 days 
☆ One orphanage required water purifier and we have ordered it @ Rs 8500 only, installation is required. 
☆ One foster home did not have inverter , costing rs 18000 , that too we have ordered. 
If you wish to take care of these expenses, we can put a sticker of your name and take you along once the installation is done so that you can see where your blessing is being sowed. 
Other orphanages requested for basic stuff .
You can purchase and give it to us or you can go directly to the orphanage and give .
Or you can donate to us and get 80G exemption and come along when we drop these items to the orphanage. 
Plenty of options and choices you have.
But let's all get together and bless these orphans and street children every month with something little.
For me, Christmas is to be celebrated every month and not only during December. 
As i am running 8 free shelter homes, I am aware how difficult it is at times to arrange resources. 
Just like we support 250+ hiv infected people in Goa with dry ration month after month , in the same way we are determined to support orphanges and foster homes month after month. 
Many times we get inquires from families who specifically wish to provide aid in kind or food stuff only to ORPHANGES .
And most of the times I could not help .
I took some time to study how and where these orphanges are and here we are now ready to help monthly orphanages and street children .
It's a dream One day Street Providence will 
be running a big home for street children and orphans.
Before starting any project I take about 6 months to understand the pros & cons. 
We as an NGO have always supported other NGOs which is usually not heard off.
NGOs most of the time are afraid to share resources and benefactors with others smaller NGOs
But we @ Street Providence believe in 
Luke 6 : 38
Today we are in a position to rehabilitate : 
☆ Homeless men 
☆ Homeless women &
☆ Street children & orphans
Our NGO @ Street Providence provide shelters all ie : men , women & children .
♡ This is all FAVOUR OF GOD & HIS GRACE 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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