We need to get this boy back to Siripuram village , Guntur District , Andhra Pradesh.
12.10 .2020 6pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA is proud to be able to get this once a upon a time homeless boy , MR SUDHEER KUMAR back on track after being in total depression..
♡ Sudhir was picked up from the vicinity of the Holy Spirit Church Margao almost 3 years back all because of the effort of our food bank volunteer from margao Mrs Maria Ana.
Sudheer Kumar never ever spoke from the time we picked him. 
Only shook his head when spoken to.
But well educated and understands English, Hindi and Telugu .
The only time we heard him Speak was in early 2018 when he answered a few questions in Telugu to another man who spoke Telugu. 
Sudheer ran away from home a few years back and walked from Hyderabad and reached Goa .
He has a family in Siripuram village , Guntur District , Andhra Pradesh.
This is all he told us .
When we picked him up he was very very unclean and dazed .
Irritated the care givers alot as he would only eat and sleep and daze into oblivion.
Would work a little out of disgust.
Anyway , we kept rotating him house to house to avoid the frustration level of the cars givers. 
But never did we ask him to leave our home nor did he ever attempt to run away .
That meant he was active in his mind .
Sudheer was alive in body but no one actually bothered about him as everybody had their own things to do.
He was one of the crowd who you just could not get anything out off.
God had better plans for SUDHEER. 
Last 7 days , Sudheer has started talking and reacting to all our communications. 
He even wrote his full address and now wishes to be reunited with his family .
Watch the 1 min video 
We are using this message to get to his family at the below address : 👇
☆ Sudheer kumar,
Medikondur mandal,
Siripuram village , 
Guntur District , 
Andhra Pradesh 
We just tried to live with Sudheer and he too lived with us .
But he would listen to the CD playing 
THE WORD , non stop and that is what I believe pulled him out of depression and into this current state where he remembers everything and his past.
He is now in our margao house. 
Incase any TELUGU assiciation or any TELUGU SAMAJ can locate his family back home please do.
We would have driven him back to his village but due to the pandemic the risk is too high .
If we put him in the train and he does not reach home , then it will be waste of 3 years effort. 
Each of our men in our homes have a unbelievable past .
Yet we strive to deliver the best with the little we have .
We are just the tools and we dont claim any credit for the results. 
These services are tough yet achievable.
I always motivate my volunteers and care givers with the suggestion ” put yourself in their place , besides we have the set up , let's try , you never know when times might reverse the situations”.
Imagine how many such more men are out there, lost , lonely, waiting for eternity, harassed, mocked, taunted , stoned , beaten and hounded all the time .
Your donations, blessing , contributions make us go beyond our expectations. 
Support us in whatever way you wish.
We offer you income tax exemptions on all your donations under section 80G.
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As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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