6.10.2020 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA presents our team which takes care of 2 big homes in South Goa and approx 60 homeless street men plus collection and movement of food daily to feed 300 to 400 meals. 
Running a complex and ever growing operation at Street PROVIDENCE is not an easy task nor is it a 1 man show .
We @ Street Providence believe in team work and we are grateful to our VOLUNTEERS.
Volunteers who come day after day , month after month without expecting anything but desiring and really doing good for the poorest of the poor , the hungry, the sick, the homeless. ( And at times the only thing the volunteers get from me is a shout)
Especially during this COVID period where any wrong step can be disastrous , these men in the picture attached have stuck to their assigned duties and supported Street Providence.
Most of our Trustees & volunteers @ Street Providence have no EGO and dont believe in any titles. 
They believe only 1 thing ” do good and expect nothing from Donald , but surely reward is coming from God “.
No volunteer is made to believe or understand that they are working for Donald , but rather they conclude they are working out of their love and Thanksgiving for whatever they have in life , towards the poorest of the poor .
Picture of Our team in SOUTH GOA .
Left to right :
♡ Bartholomew 
♡ John
♡ Orlando 
♡ Freddy 
♡ Sapnesh 
☆ 1. Bartholomew ( from Seraulim ) incharge of all hospital trips be it to :
▪︎GMC , 
▪︎IPHB , 
▪︎District hospital margao ,
▪︎TB hospital 
▪︎Private clinics 
He never says no . 
One of the most risky jobs when u take our homeless men to hospitals .
Yet Bartholomew is there, never gives excuses .
Looking after homeless sick people is related to hospital and treatment in any shelter home .
And this the worst service, but we are forced to give it even if we don't want to .
Mind you, Bartholomew takes to hospital men with various sickness like :
▪︎Fresh wounds for dressing 
▪︎Unsound mind
▪︎Incapicated men with diapers
▪︎Bed ridden 
Thanks to Bartho for filling the gap .

☆ 2. John Baptist ( from FATORDA) serves breakfast daily all 7 days at 7.30 am in front of the hospital in Margao .
Inspite of the rain, pandemic, etc , John is there. 
Also John provided free service in our 2 homes in south goa by doing our electrical and plumbing work .
John is the handy man for us in south GOA, anything and everything ( if you cant find a solution) call John .
Quite and cool dude .
☆ 3. Orlando ( from Benaulim also known as OLLY ) has been with us for close to 3 years now. 
Takes care of our all maintenance and civil work .
Also looks after our Cavelossim home on a daily basis. 
Incase any donations , material, grains etc have to be picked up from anyone residence in South Goa , we count on Orlando. 
Always smiling and ready to go that extra mile .
☆ 4. Freddy ( from Nagercoil ) is our Trustee and stays full time in our Margao home .
A very very cool and pleasant man .
Left his construction business in Nagercoil , Tamil Nadu to work for the poorest of the poor in Goa.
☆ 5. Sapnesh ( from Mapusa) is our operation incharge for entire Goa .
Everything goes through him as he has been over 5 years with me .
Understands my mind very well.
Knows exactly what I have in mind even before I finish the sentence. 
All these 5 men work in South Goa among themselves without disturbing me.
Very rarely am I troubled by these 5 men.
I am blessed to have such a wonderful team to take away all the load from me .
This is how we have managed to grow and reach out to so many people through so many projects inspite of the COVID and inspite of donations slowing down by operating through TEAM WORK .
Here at Street Providence eveything is very transparent and no one is the boss .
You come, do your part and get that blessing from God for you and your family. 
We are still looking for more volunteers both ladies and gents who want to do good for the poorest of the poor across Goa .
All our communication and operations are strictly conducted through WhatsApp ( and that's the beauty of Street Providence ) between the volunteers and me .
I operate strictly through WhatsApp messages only on 8380097564.
No calling please .
Keep our volunteers in mind and pray that they enjoy good health. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848