3.9.2020 6pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA presents you a Goan Widow, Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar who was really very very sick and weak but now ready to start afresh. 
On 26.8.2020 we had admitted this Goan Widow into a private hospital as most of her parameters were below normal due to hunger and malnutrition. 
Remember Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar and her son were staying in a home which almost fell down and they were in a pathetic state .
Picture of the home attached. 
Thanks to JMJ hospital Porvorim for admitting Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar into the hospital and treating her to an extent that she can now sit .
In this COVID 19 period , 
getting into a hospital is difficult, 
getting treated is FAVOUR OF GOD.
♡ Big thank you to Sr VALANKA, de facto incharge of JMJ hospital, who willingly said yes to my request on 26.8.2020.
♡ Thanks to Dr Rylind , Dr Meliisa and the nurses who attended to this goan lady. 
Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar was looked after in the hospital 24 hours for the last 9 days by a young homeless boy Mr ROHIN KHAN.
The worst part in looking after homeless sick people is hospital or hospitalization. 
You require some one along with the patient 24 *7 to report to the nurse all and any details while the patient is being treated especially when put on drips or when the patient is uncomfortable. 
The cost of such person varies from Rs 800 to Rs 1500 normally. 
Rohin Khan our care giver did the 9 days service without a complain .
Also thanks to Yash , ( Ruth son who actually helped them get out of that broken down home ) who stayed a few hours daily to relieve Rohin Khan so that he could go home have a bath and refresh himself. 
Overall it was all team work. 
Now the rehabilitation part .
Since Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar will take time to get her strength ( her son is taking psychiatric medication as he is totally shaken up ) we can't shift her to the flat , we requested Mrs Josephine from Amazing Grace to accommodate Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar .
Street Providence has employed a young goan nurse full time who will be attending to Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar at Amazing Grace as well as checking on the health of all our homeless street people in all our homes. 
Today Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar was admitted into Amazing Grace .
We are fortunate to be able to help 
Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar and her son to get a slightly better environment to live their lives .
Mrs Prabhavathi Pilankar and her son should consider themselves blessed that they are well looked after .
There must be many more Goan Widows out there who we might have missed to help .
The main issue is SPACE.
If we get SPACE we can assure that no WIDOW in Goa will be left to fend for themselves on the streets of Goa .
Free food , clothing, shelter, medicine. 
All We require a big home so that all such homeless people can be looked after. 
Becomes very easy for doctor visits, nurse daily check ups , gets bonding going between a elders who may want the company of youngsters and creates bonding and parental guidance. 
The issue is, WE ARE ALREADY In such a home where 500 such homeless people can be looked after comfortably but we are being asked to leave. 
Imagine :
▪︎500 lost people being given a second         chance , 
▪︎500 homeless & sick treated under 1           roof,
▪︎100's during this pandemic being able         to live with dignity ,
▪︎100's of hungry being fed and cared           for 
So close, yet so far.
Humanity, Poverty , poor , homeless for me is only in the HOLY BOOKS .
Today it's all about the $$$$.
Anyway that's for another post another day .
Support us in any way you wish .
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We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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