4.8.2020 4pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA joins the Covid fight in Goa 
Ana Gracias from Chimbel & Mr Abby Dsouza are the LATEST COVID WARRIORS and both are simple people
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA DONATES our only AMBULANCE towards the fight against COVID and we stand with the poorest of the poor at CHIMBEL , GOA.
This message is not to put any one down but it's to support our DOCTORS working tirelessly in various parts of Goa .
We stand with the Government of Goa .
Chimbel is a village which most of us in Goa must have heard off.
There is a PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE run by DR JUDE and his team who are doing a superb fantastic job which many in that area will vouch for and be happy with. 
The lanes are a bit small. 
Bigger ambulances are an issue .
☆ ANA GRACIAS who took a big step in feeding the hungry during the lockdown in those areas for more than 2 months , saw the requirement of a smaller ambulance in that area, requested me during a telephone call which I had made to her 2 week back to look into the matter and see what best can be done. 
And here I had a golden opportunity to do something which is directly benefitting the people of CHIMBEL .
This was my 1st van bought in 2015 before we formed Street Providence and we transported many many people in it .
I remember driving myself atleast for 2 full years this ambulance for 2 physically challenged boys from different families who needed trips to hospitals and their schools .
Later on this small Maruti omni ambulance was used for transporting street Providence homeless street men .
It's too small and we were looking for a MARUTI ECO ambulance only, as more people can be accommodated which costs about rs 6 lacs.
I quickly agreed to give the ambulance FREE OF COST, but getting a driver was the issue. 
For almost 10 days it looked impossible until last week when A YOUNG BOY Mr  ABBY DSOUZA agreed to drive the ambulance and support Dr Jude and his team in whatever way possible. 
We ask you to keep Mr ABBY in your daily prayers as well as all the other drivers who drive the ambulances daily .
Abby is doing it voluntarily and he needs to be congratulated and encouraged. 
Thanks to the North Goa Collector , Mrs Maneka for supporting Ana Gracias , 
Dr Jude and this ambulance for Chimbel area by issuing an order enabling our Ambulance to be attached to the Chimbel Health Centre .
Big thanks to The Revenue Minister of Goa , Mrs Jennifer for supporting this service by getting the order given at lighting speed so that the ambulance can be used immediately without further delay as we already lost 10 days trying to get permission .
Thanks to the Sarpanch & the members of Chimbel Village Panchayat who have agreed to take care of the ambulance .
This ambulance will be used for basically transporting the poor, bed ridden , handicapped, old , infirmed people for a swab testing to the primary health centre in Chimbel area.
It can be also used to transport people to the nearest Covid Hospital in case of emergency .
Incase if death , free transportation can be done so as to avoid paying huge Bill's and in this way those poor people can be benefitted. 
Incase any old or sick or differently challenged person is In a COVID centre and needs to go home , getting an ambulance can be difficult and expensive. 
Basically this ambulance can be used for many purposes .
The ambulance movement will be monitored and operated only under the instructions of Dr Jude.
Support us as we require :
▪︎PPE KITS for driver and attendant , 
▪︎Out of pocket expenses, 
We @ Street Providence have always stood with the poorest of the poor in Goa.
Anyway we were hiring taxis to go to hospital and the no.of homeless people in our homes have increased and the ambulance was too small.
We can wait till we manage to get another bigger MARUTI ECO AMBULANCE. 
There must be requirements in other PHC for such small ambulances during situation like this .
If you have a 2nd hand maruti omni ambulance / Eco Car or any Jeep or SUV and wish to give it away please give it to us and we will put it to best possible use. 
Support us with your prayers, wishes and blessings. 
We offer 80 G exemptions on all your donations along with your pan card copy.
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848