24.7.2020 1pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE  TRUST, GOA manages to provide 60 Electric Kettles through ROTARY CLUB OF PANAJI RIVIERA TO GOA POLICE @ SDPO PORVORIM headed by Dysp Edwin .
Through our novel initiative last week , where by we had provided 52 electric kettles to South District @ Goa Police, which has influenced the Rotary Club, who today donated 60 Electric Kettles to North District @ Goa Police.
These 60 Electric Kettles are totally sponsored and paid for by Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera and will be given to all police establisments in NORTH GOA like :
☆ Head Quarters , 
☆ SDPOs ,
☆ Inspectors ,
☆ Staff at all stations ,
☆ All outposts 
And it does not stop here.
▪︎4 days back , my good friend Michael from Anjuna who runs a restaurant by the name of JAWS , also got influenced and in his capacity bought and donated 2 electric kettles to ANJUNA police station .
▪︎Another lady Mrs Christabel donated 10 electric kettles &
▪︎Another gentleman Mr Joshua Antao from Ribandar bought 4 kettles.
All got influenced and convinced that they too want to be part of the fight against the virus by supporting the FRONT LINE WARRIORS .
It's good that during this pandemic , people are coming forward to help our FRONT LINE COVID WARRIORS on their own.
You too can play a small part in supporting OTHER FRONT LINE COVID warriors by joining up with street Providence.

Our next stop is providing : 
》200 nos Steaming/ inhalation electric machine to all the health care workers in the hospitals at the various level as they require protection in this fight against COVID 19 starting from the ESI hospital Margao.
Each such machine costs just rs 400 approx .
Such small gestures and some basic precautions like drinking hot water or doing hot steaming , can be a big boost to the FRONT LINE COVID WARRIORS and will surely raise their morale. 
I am not a DOCTOR. 
Looking for companies , clubs, associations, individuals, organizations etc who will be able to come forward and contribute.
Lets not blame and point fingers at this one and that one. 
If you wish to contribute please do , otherwise press DELETE and close the chapter and be happy . No need to think too much .
This fight is by us all, against the virus in the best possible way. 
We offer you 80G EXEMPTIONS on all your donations which entitles you to 50 % tax deductions.
All donations through cheque / Neft / cash 
strictly with your pan card copy to avail of the 80G certificate. 
Twitter : @streetproviden1
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848