20.7.2020 6pm IST
Rs 25 lacs worth of food ( and a few non edible stuff ) distributed across Goa during the 4 months ie 23.3.2020 to 19.7.2020 by 
All daily details on our Website
We place before you in an excel sheet to all our :
☆ Trustees,
☆ Benefactors, 
☆ Volunteers,
☆ Associates,
☆ Supporters, 
☆ Collaborators, 
☆ Critics,
☆ Friends, 
☆ And all on Social media platform.
This very small contribution to our SOCIETY in GOA , by one of the youngest and smallest NGOs has been only possible because of YOU our BENEFACTORS who have contributed voluntarily in so many forms like :
Cheques / NEFT , 
Kind in the form of ration ,
Those who paid our Bill's directly ,
strictly only because of SOCIAL MEDIA medium platform. 
Very few benefactors have met me but yet we managed to put all resources together for the poorest of the poor .
I apologize to any BENEFACTOR if I went off track during this 4 months and please be free to WhatsApp me your advice incase you feel I need correction.
Thanks to our trustees for the support. 
Big Big thanks to the numerous VOLUNTEERS ( and our FOOD BANK fridges who took the trouble to distribute food in their locality daily) right across GOA who voluntarily came whenever the need arose to help in the distribution of food grains, packaged food, meals, daily breakfast , etc .
Like I always state , STREET PROVIDENCE & FOOD BANK is & will always be a VOLUNTEER based NGO and not bsaed on 1 person.
But the biggest ACHIEVEMENT I would like to highlight is we TOOK OFF THE STREET 25 homeless people during the lockdown and provided them rehabilitation. 
Thanks to GOA POLICE for doing all the paperwork and taking the trouble to provide relief to these 25 homeless street people at our homes .
Took a big risk but am sure it was the wisest decision to open our doors to those in worst time of this shutdown .
Another few points to be noted is
▪︎1. We did not throw out or ask to leave any of our homeless people during this COVID. 
▪︎2. We spent over rs 4 lacs on operations, treatment , transportation and hospitalization on a few homeless street people during this COVID. 
We are now on a 10 days break .
All activity are shut as we have to attend to our homeless sick people in our homes and get a few days recharge of our batteries.
We are not serving food as of today in GOA neither are we accepting any homeless street people as the houses are almost full.
Will come back with a new plan by 1st August depending on the situation. 
Big appreciation to these establishments : 
♡ Creamux bakery : for sliced breads 
♡ Navtara : pre packed meals 
♡ Pradosh Amoncar : cooked food (FREE 
♡ Maria porvorim : morning breakfast 
♡ Sarang kerkar porvorim : NANS / rotis
♡ Anil bakery assagao : bread / pav
♡ Nizamuddin mapusa yard : bananas 
♡ Dark Sensation : sliced cake
♡ Dinesh Anjuna : batatwada
♡ Coca cola : minute maid JUICEs (FREE 
♡ Zuzart : Tan water 
♡ Giving for Goa ( free cooked food )
For charging us cost to cost at no profit no loss basis. 
It's just wonderful going out there and reaching out to so many many people.
I must have done the least work by staying in the office and co coordinating the entire operation as well as raising resources .
▪︎1. SAPNESH SALGAONKAR our Operation incharge who single handedly with his cool nature and die hard attitude followed and relayed instructions down the line .
▪︎2. Rajesh Laate who drove non stop 3 months where ever there was a need to either drop food , pick food or rehabilitate a homeless person found on the streets 
▪︎3. Edward Oliver a senior citizen from porvorim who helped us non stop morning to night with the pick up and dropping of food .
▪︎4. Napolean Fernandes from Mapusa who served food and till the last day served food in various places and provided his time as and then we requested. 
▪︎5. Two brothers from Donvaddo, SALIGAO , 
Vijay & Prakash who offered their time almost daily in moving cooked food non stop across Goa .
▪︎6. Samir Parishad who served non stop food till june 15 at various places designated to him .
▪︎7. Our food bank fridges at 
☆ Velim – Mrs Elaine
☆ Old Goa – Sr fatima FMCK 
☆ San jose de areal – Sam
( Entire April & May they accepted food from us and fed daily in their area ).
▪︎8. Engr Orlando ( olly ) from Benaulim who held our fort in south GOA and did a fantastic job both at the food bank as well as looking after our 2 homes during this 3 months. 
Last I thank my 2 other Trustees : 
▪︎1. Adv Caroline for serving food non stop 45 days in and around mapusa to 50 odd senior citizens with her team .
▪︎2. Joanita Pinto my sister ( and her husband John ) for all the back office work , records , documentation, phone calls, reports, etc.
A big sorry to all those who I lost my cool on or who I was rude, demanding , pushy , who I took for granted. 
When the going gets tough , the tough gets going .
There are many many more who I did not name , Yet all did their part and we were able to do so little @ Rs 25 lacs .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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