Live From The Field

1.7.2020 6PM IST 
STATE BANK OF INDIA , MARGAO celebrates their founding day today by sponsoring under CSR the breakfast for the poor in front of DISTRICT HOSPITAL MARGAO.
We thank the AGM & the officials from SBI Margao for thinking of the poor and hungry by taking care of today breakfast as part of their bank founding day .
The AGM & the officials also donated 10 crts of biscuits towards our DRY RATION BANK .
Today being the 1st of the month we distributed 500 kits of dry ration like 
Rice , Sugar , Phova, onions and these biscuits .

Thanks to our volunteers who have distributed these dry ration kits in the following area :
▪︎1. Sapnesh 50 kits in KHORLIM area
▪︎2. Adv Caroline 50 kits in MAPUSA  cc           area 
▪︎3. Akash 50 kits in SAVORDEM area 
▪︎4. Roy 50 kits in QUEPEM area 
▪︎5. John 50 kits in MARGAO AREA 
▪︎6. Patricia 250 kits in various villages             of south GOA. 
We have observed that free breakfast service is picking up especially outside GMC & DISTRICT HOSPITAL, MAPUSA .
Poor people actually are waiting for this small meal which can at times be their only meal of the day . I don't know . But it can be .
It's good that SBI Margao took to celebrating their founding day of the bank in such a unquie way .
With the economic slow down, the daily wages labourers , the poor and needy, etc will be feeling the pinch. 
Our FREE BREAKFAST and our DRY RATION BANK is directly benefitting the poorest of the poor in different parts of Goa .
Thanks to our benefactors who have been supporting us through donations both in kind , cash and in Cheques / Neft .
You too can sponsor our breakfast .
You can celebrate your :
☆ Birthday 
☆ Anniversary 
☆ Special moments 
☆ Founding day 
By feeding breakfast through our food bank .
We accept dry ration by the 25th of every month. Nothing before that .
To know more click on our website :
We offer you 80 G Income tax exemptions on all your donations. 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848