16.6.2020 8 pm IST 
We at STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA reach out daily to some section of society who requires help. 
We just can't sit quite.

Today its help in the form of dry ration to 50 HIV infected people in Goa .
Attached a small video .
We @ Street Providence were one of the 1st NGO way back in Dec 2017 to collect and buy ration and distribute to poor families who are suffering from HIV .
We have been supporting about 50 such families every month faithfully without missing a month. 
☆ In North Goa we donate 25 kits of               ration of which 50 % are purchased &         50 % are donated. 
☆ In South Goa all 25 kits of ration are           donated and taken care by our FOOD         BANK volunteers @ MARGAO headed       by Prof Joan and a couple of                       benefactors , month after month. 
Be Covid 19 or any any other situation , ration for these 50 HIV infected families will go on .
One point to conclude , non of us have actually seen any of these HIV infected families, but the people who distribute this ration , have been faithfully distributing this 50 kits of ration month after month. 
Big thanks to 
☆ Sr Deepti in North Goa & her team               from Nagoa Bardez &
☆ Reena & her team from Vasco 
Who month after month follow up with us to get the ration and give it ahead. 
♡ The cost of the ration kit is max Rs           1000.
We would like to do 100 kits but benefactors are required. 
If you reading this post , feel like me and are keen to be part of this program then get in touch with me on 8380097564 through WhatsApp only .
You can buy the kit also and give us by the 5th of every month. 
I am sure most of these 50 families are depending on this source of dry ration and we are determined to keep this programme going throughout the year.
We offer you INCOME TAX EXEMPTIONS on all your donations under SECTION 80 G.
▪︎Website :                                   https://streetprovidencegoa.com/
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020414848