13.6.2020 5pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA thanks COMMSCOPE COMPANY VERNA for offering us their extra food daily enough to feed more than 100 meals daily.
On 8.6.2020 , we had posted on social media, requesting factories to give away extra food to the food bank instead of returning it to the canteen contractor. 
COMMSCOPE COMPANY @ VERNA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE , replied through their Directir Mr RAVI REBELLO and from 9.6.2020 we have started picking up food .
Food Bank installed a fridge in CommScope canteen. 
Every afternoon we pick up hot food from the factory , which is partly used in our rehabilitation homes at Margao & Cavelossim for dinner and partly served on the streets in Margao to homeless people. 
Night food is dropped in the fridge which is in the factory and at 9 am we collect this food which is used for lunch for our homeless street men .
Thanks to the management at CommScope and Mr Ravi Rebello , We are now saving money because of the food as well as we are getting a variety of veg food .
From 21.3.2020 till 9.6.2020 , both these homes were cooking plain Rice & Dhal .
But that has now changed. 
From 1.12.2017 till 21.3.2020 , food bank had so much of food coming in that non of our homes ever cooked any meals. 
In fact for the lockdown period most unsound men refused to eat plain food .
If you are working in a factory/ industry and you are aware that the extra food is taken away by the canteen contractor or is being thrown then please give it to the food bank .
As usual there are always costs involved in feeding the poor as well as looking after homeless street people. 
We offer you INCOME TAX exemption under 80G on all your donations. 
Donations in CASH / CHEQUE/ NEFT but with your pan card copy if you want 80G exemption certificate. 
I operate strictly thyough WhatsApp only on 8380097564.
Please visit our website 
Open the link and you can understand the amount of FREE SERVICES we offer to the poorest of the poor only through donations from benefactors throughout the year.
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848