8.5.2020 2pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA admits Mr Raju Das , a wounded homeless man , originally from Coimbatore , but found on the streets of Calangute. 
Mr Salvador , from Calangute, observed that there was a very unclean man sleeping in pathetic conditions in the footpath in Calangute about 15 days back .
On inquiring with me , If we could rehabilitate i said yes and its then that SALVADOR realised that Raju had a wound on his leg .
Raju has been working doing odd jobs in and around Calangute and the lockdown might or may be put him out of his source of living .
So to ease such pain, Raju took to drinking and he was admitted earlier in District Hospital, Mapusa , but again no food and job so again drinking .
Mr Salvador got Raju admitted again into the hospital and then 4 days back , Salvador got the police NOC and his medication and directly admitted him into out home for rehabilitation. 
This is how things have to work. 
SALVADOR did the right thing.
☆ He took the trouble of 
     Checking with me
☆ Co coordinating with Calangute                 Police
☆ Admitting Raju to hospital, 
     Checking on Raju
☆ Then getting him discharged, 
     Finally getting him to our home to             recover. 
Our job as service provider is to provide Raju a place to stay, clean his wounds and feed him till the wound heals.
Not many go the extra mile like Salvador went .
Clicking pictures and sending me is not useful .
We just cant run around with so many calls and leads.
Manpower and resources are a big constraint. 
If you see such homeless people or destitutes send me a WhatsApp on 8380097564 and wait for instructions. 
Follow the instructions and we will then provide rehabilitation. 
As usual I operate only through whatsapp on 8380097564.
Strictly no calling.  It's a humble request.  Send your message I will get back. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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