7.5.2020 5pm IST 
SHALAN PINTO from Mapusa gets help to this poor , hungry , abandoned, homeless man at 11.45pm on 6.5.2020
Street Providence receives a call at 11.45pm when most are asleep from Shalan who found this man right on the main road just op old mahindra showroom on the PANJIM – MAPUSA highway .
I am sure many saw him , but not all decided to see how he can be helped because of thr COVID 19.
Anyway I sent RAJESH & HENANT our care givers from our porvorim home , which is just 3 min away from the spot where the man was sitting.
He was famished and hungry and unclean and very weak .
Shalan called 100 and got the local police involved as without an NOC lifting someone directly ( from the street especially the way this man was ) can be disastrous, should he just kick the bucket. 
Porvorim police did the best they could and this morning 7.5.2020 we rehabilitated him in one of our homes. 
Thanks to SHALAN PINTO for pursuing 
☆ 1st with us 
☆ 2nd with 100
☆ 3rd with porvorim police 
☆ 4th back to us 
This is how one should help homeless people. 
Most of the times, pictures are sent to us with no location, no proper address and worst part , the person on the street is not interested to be rehabilitated 
One needs to be like SHALAN.
He called us .
We explained him the procedure. 
He did all the following up .
He got the man actual help .
See, we are the service providers .
We can't be the complaint, do all the running around as well as the service providers. 
Our job is to get help to homeless people once we get the NOC from the police and the medical report that the homeless is to be rehabilitated and does not require hospitalization. 
Because if he kicks the bucket without the police NOC , then we can be charged with 
Culpable homicide and then you know how activists file cases against you for multiple reasons just to get publicity. 
The man is not speaking so we don't know much but he looks to be pretty young.
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God bless you 
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