10.5.24. 7pm IST 
It's been a double/ triple / quadruple celebration at Street Providence in the last two days.
These are the reasons for the celebrations :
8th May : 11th Shelter home blessed
8th May : Our 20th Wedding anniversary 
9th May : Our NGO 7th year anniversary 
9th May : Our son secured distinction for 12th std ( Science ) a few days earlier.
And all the above celebrations were celebrated with our 180+ residents of all our homes.
♡♡♡ Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas blessed our 11th Shelter home @ Guirim on 8.5.24 which is dedicated to bed ridden patients with disabilities.
At this innaugration we invited all our 60+ poor goan women from all our 6 Shelter homes to sit down for a meal along with Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas in this home.
We clubbed our 20th wedding anniversary along with the house blessing and it brought alot of joy to share a meal on a long table with our poor goan ladies who felt happy that they were invited to a celebration.
Infact due to their severe disabilities non of the residents even wished me but that is understandable as these are all chronic cases.
Our 7th anniversary as an NGO was celebrated on 9.5.24 with all our 180+ persons with disabilities @ Severina Gardens Mapusa.
( this link will take you through our entire program of about 2 hours )
Hosted by Sir Bosco George retd DIG IPS.
We were blessed with the Presence of :
Our Trustees,
♡ Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas,
♡ Disability Commissioner Sir Guru Pawaskar,
♡ Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers 
♡ Sir Anant Pangam,
♡ Representative from MRF , Microlabs , LUPIN,
♡ Our collaborators @ FMCK and Fatima Sisters,
♡ Our food feeding partners @ Anita and Hassan,
♡ Officials from Colvale jail,
♡ Supporters @ Tara Kerkar & Rama Kankonkar
♡ All our staff and a couple of volunteers.
Most of the 180+ residents have never ever eaten or were ever invited to an air conditioned hall and made to sit on a table and chair and served a hot meal.
For most the streets have been their life and their livelihood for months and years.
It was really really challenging moving 180+ residents from our 10 homes in 7 buses especially those wheel chair bound and those who are yet to be stabilised due to the mental disabilities but our Team did a good and perfect job.
And let's not forget the heat.
♡♡♡ We thank the owners of Severina Gardens for the fantastic support.
We thank all and everyone who pray for our  work, our monthly benefactors who stand by us and the staff at Street Providence who mostly are ethnic goans, who day in and day out in this Sorching heat give their best .
Overall both the functions were well enjoyed by all our residents and we feel satisfied to have brought small  smiles and cheer on these residents in our homes.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848