30.3.2024. 5pm IST 
✝️ Good Friday commemorates Jesus Dying on the cross to bear our pains , sickness, sins.✝️
Jesus took our cross upon himself.
A kind hearted Doctor who is also the H.O.D of a Government hospital in GOA , pays a few bills of our poor goan homeless psychiatric inmate who  we recently  admitted for complicated medical issues in this particular ward.
And I got thinking how, what , why etc.
Imagine just because we are from STREET PROVIDENCE and it's our inmate who is a Goan homeless, The H.O.D went an extra step.
But what about more poor goans with disabilites & the homeless who require finance in hospitals when admitted and there is just no one at times to pay their bills say for diapers, certain medicines which have to be bought from outside, etc.
Last so many years I have been roaming around with our inmates in most of the government hospitals and I see hear understand how poor people be it goans or homeless fail to raise resources due to poverty for small small stuff like pampers, diapers , at times medicines which are not available in the hospitals due to many genuine reasons.
To partially solve this issue even if it's a small drop we are starting a new project HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK for the poorest of the poor Goans with disabilites & homeless in 3 major Government hospitals in Goa which will be on a daily basis 7 days a week / 30 days a month/ 365 days a year.
This is our plan : 

☆ 1. Daily budget we are going to spend Rs 10000.   Of which its divided in these 3 places :
 》GMC Rs 5000 daily 
》District hospital Mapusa Rs 2500 daily 
 》District hospital Margao Rs 2500 daily

☆ 2. We have our team member in all 3 hospitals networking with many health care personnel so we are aware who is the most deserving. 

☆ 3. Each and every request will be daily scrutinized before we pay the bills
Funding ?
☆ 1. Since we run a DIAPER BANK where we collect alot of unused diapers, Pampers, Sanitary pads, we will route this to our 3 sets of team member  to distribute in hospitals.
☆ 2. Since we run a MEDICAL EQUIPMENT BANK where we collect alot of second hand walkers, sticks , water mattresses, etc we will route these items to those who might need in incase of emergency through our hospital team member in each of the 3 hospitals.
☆ 3. For medicines & other bills we will Pay the bills from our NGO.
Many people often wish to do charity for the poor in kind and we will offer this platform to pay medical bills directly to the pharmacies where such medicines are purchased.
Simultaneously one can donate to our NGO towards this HEALTHCARE SUPOORT BANK and we will provide the bills if needed. 
Since we run so many banks @ Street Providence we will channelise those products or services in our MANY BANKS  towards the poor goans suffering from disabilities and the homeless once admitted into the above 3 hospitals.( on patient to patient Basis ) 
It's my little form of giving back to society for the good health I am experiencing inspite of so many projects being run by us.
If you and your family are blessed with good health then HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK is one place where you can say “THANK YOU GOD”.
If you have more than enough of resources and are looking for good health then HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK is where you can support poor goans in need of medical support by donating for a cause which will surely earn you and your family uninterrupted GRACE & BLESSINGS from GOD.
It's always good to invest in the poor especially those with disabilities & the homeless and those who can never ever come back to help you but who will always be grateful towards help provided to them during their difficult times especially in hospitals.
We all celebrate functions like birthdays, anniversary, get togther, re unions etc and these bills usually run into lakhs if not thousands.
So on your special day , you can book with us in advance the amount you wish to spend in the hospital for the poorest of the poor to feel that joy and happiness.
But per day if we manage to get a benefactor to foot these bills of Rs 10000 towards this project, then one will surely experience God's blessings on your family which we can call as SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS. 
One can also purchase cartoons of :
Diapers, Sanitary pads, Pampers , Under pads etc. and hand over to us to distribute in these 3 above hospitals.
If anyone has any unused medical assistive aids one can also donate to our NGO to be used for this project.
Main point is those poor goans or homeless in need of rehabilitation and care after treated in the hospitals will be rehabilitated for few weeks in our homes before they are fit and fine to go back to their livelihoods.
It's a different concept never ever thought , looked into , visualized &  implemented so querries & doubts will crop up in minds .
Be free to whatsapp me all such querries on 8380097564.
But like our so many other innovative and running banks/ projects, I am sure this too will be a success due to your support both in kind and through your donations.
Tomorrow is Easter and we can live the spirit of Easter for the full year by supporting this.  HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK project which in turn brings life to the poorest of the poor.
Once again HAPPY EASTER to all of you 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848