23.3.2024. 8pm IST 
This middle aged poor Goan 55 year old man, 
Mr DEVENDRA , today ie 23.3.3024 , has been provided a warm place to lay his head, warm food , human beings around him and many living souls who he can talk to daily @ Street Providence Goa.
Looks to me that he might be suffering  from mild or initial Intellectual disabilities. 
He has a married sister in the neighboring village and she too is poor and volunteered to keep him in our home.
About his house his married sister will know best as I an told that house is on the verge of falling down & Mr Devendra Can't stay alone even in the future.
Colage of the house attached with this post.
Few days back SSVP members of UCCASIAM church, Bardez , informed me through whatsapp about the horrible living condition of this lonely goan man in a nearby shackled Down house.
It's totally uninhabitable and very very dangerous as it can collapse any time.
SSVP has been providing for his upkeep over a period of time, may be years , but it's not safe for him to live in this home any more.
Beginning of this week , two Hindus Ramesh Bhovi & Chandrakant Pednekar, uploaded a video of a poor goan catholic family from TUEM living in utter poverty and we responded quickly and provided help for this month with an assurance to help them evey month financially.
Now End of this week , the Catholics from UCCASSIAM church request us to help this Hindu man and we took him in and will care & rehabilitate him as he just is beyond poverty level
This is our GOA / GOEM.
Ethnic GOANS are made of this stuff where religion is secondary but humanity is primary.
We @ Street Providence run shelter Homes which cater and rehabilitate people of all faiths be it Catholic, Hindu , Muslim.
Our Staff consists of all faiths like Catholic, Hindus, Muslims & Sarna Dharma.
@ Street Providence it's humanity 1st.
I have been working in different states in INDIA , where everything is only about caste , creed & religion but in Goa its unique as our ethnic Goans are only brought up with one thinking ie 
We need to see GOD in the poor, hungry , sick , homeless and when you see this you begin to feel that joy peace happiness.
As we go through this LENTEN season I feel we all need to understand the pain of the poor, hungry , the sick, the lonely, those with disabilities and not only focus on the rituals but by going out of the way to give life to others just like these SSVP members from UCCASSIAM church went out of their way to see that this man got a better standard of living.
We request you to be generous towards our NGO as our bills keep mounting daily, new admissions are practically happening weekly, most of the inmates are in need of constant medicines and continous follow ups at Government hospitals. 
We as Goa's only free shelter homes both for men & women in North & South Goa are constantly opening our doors to our poor fellow goans who are suffering from poverty , hunger & disabilities.
Government of Goa , should realize that there are so many ethnic genuine goans who are struggling for two square meals and basic medical facilities and their needs should be addressed and looked into. 
Since we are already doing this service which is actually the job of the government atleast give us our grants in time and with dignity.
I am warning The Government of Goa ” in the coming months and within the next two years , there will be 10000 to 20000 Poor ethnic goans getting to the streets due to many many reasons & 90 % will be living with mental disabilities.
It's time to address hunger & homelessness in Goa and put a plan of action to address this quietly but rising issue. 
Denial is like sweeping this problem under the carpet but We@ Street Providence will keep addressing and solving these issues but will also will be highlitng these issues till the Government gets up and addresses these issues.
Ministers & Departments should not feel upset & disappointment at our constant exposure of  lack of approach & attitude that The Government of Goa is showing towards our own poor goans suffering from mental disabilities and hunger but should rather support us in our fight against hunger and homelessness. 
If you are living in Goa and you come across such poor ethnic goans living either on streets in unhygienic conditions or living in dilapidated & abandoned houses or buildings or bus stops you Need to get help to such poor people. 
Immediately contact the nearest police station and put pressure on them to get help to such people.
We @ Street Providence can be informed through whatsapp messages by sending pictures and videos of the person but we will only accept such persons through the local police stations.
We thank Inspector of Mapusa police station 
Mr Nikhil and the entire team who assisted this man in getting a better life.
Also thanks to SSVP @ Uccassiam for going out of their way to help this man .
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848