8.3.2024. 11am 
Late Last night 7.3.24 , we took in a homeless lady brought in by Goa Police @ Pernem police station on The eve of International women day.
These big terminology is not at all for the poorest of the poor goan women suffering disabilities and Iiving on the streets.
We are the only NGO in GOA , caring and rehabilitating homeless street women & women suffering from all types of disabilities & sicknesses , of all ages & our homes are open 24*7 to all ie :
☆ Goa Police, 
☆ CWC ( provided all documentation is ok),
☆ WCD ( as we are registered with them ),
☆ Government hospitals, 
But yet we are not paid our dues by WCD in time and as per the current year but it's at 2007 rate which is peanuts especially as all our ladies inmates are suffering from chronic mental disabilities and all are patients of IPHB. 
7th March was the last day to clear our pending dues and on 6th March we were promised and assured by The Secretary that he has signed the file for 2 homes including one home which is being paid @ Rs 2500 per inmate per month = Rs 83 per day or 1$ per day, for 22-23 , to look after psychiatric women.
But again money not credited and stupid excuses raised just to avoid paying.
And then at 9 pm we are requested to take in this homeless lady from Pernem police.
The lady has been roaming around pernem last 2-3 days.
First of all I am all boiling with frustration & disappointment and these police are calling and requesting.
We are human beings with a heart of humanity and we said yes and accepted.
We wanted to refuse, but that's then my personal frustration being taken out on this poor homeless lady which is not right on my part.
By denying a bed to a homeless lady on the streets is not humane at all even when WCD is in SLEEP MODE. 
This is WCD problem not my problem.
By law this lady has to 1st go to The One Stop Centre home which is a central government home under WCD.
But when Pernem police called One Stop Centre , they Said they have no place.
Which is a joke and can't be possible. 
Why ?
Can it be possible that One Stop Centre is also not paid their dues for long like us ?
And if one Stop Centre has place then please take all these ladies to both these Centres.
So we have WCD not paying in time :
♧ 1. One Stop Centre ( may be ).
♧ 2. Street Providence shelter Homes ,
♧ 3. And who else who knows.
Now where does one expect Goa Police to admit such ladies found on the streets?
Is Goa Police having shelter Home ? NO.
So in this scenario the responsibility is on WCD, but they are not bothered.
The lady is very tired, stressed, hungry, disappointed and gone into a shell. 
I am sure that her mental health assessment was not done at all by Pernem police inspite of The Mental Health Review Board sending a notice to both The SP @ Goa Police. 
So we as an NGO have to :
》Take her in by disturbing our sleep,
》Take her to hospital 
》Do her evaluation,
》Buy her medication,
》Feed her ,
》Provide her all the services ,
》Make her life comfortable.
And who will pay the bills ?
And at what rate? @ Rs 2500 / Rs 5000.
Are we the GOVERNMENT?
Are we the WCD ?
We are just a very small NGO but having 240 beds of which 180 are always occupied in our 10 homes.
Nothing comes free.
It's time to either shut us down in total & take away all the 180 inmates in one day or pay us our dues and that too at 23-24 rate which was promised by THE Hon CM of Goa when we met him on 26.12.23 with The WCD Director & DD of WCD.
It's a big joke ” THE WCD has fooled THE Hon CM of Goa , by claiming on 26.12.23 , that the new rates of the grant are calculated and will be paid before 7.3.24 along with all our old two years dues.”
These WCD officials got real guts to hoodwink THE Hon CM of GOA in his office and now not pay us what was promised.
You pay us or don't pay us, till we are open and running we will accept anyone in need of Shelter, food and care but only brought in by The Goa Police. 
The day we call it quits ” you will find 180 people either @ 
◇ The CM Bungalow or
◇ THE WCD officials Bungalows or
◇ The North & South Collector offices.
This cat & mouse games has to stop. 
The administration has failed @ WCD & THE Hon CM of GOA needs to act quickly and efficiently.
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380087564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848