25.2.2024. 11am IST
💐💐💐Congratulations to a Goan IPS officer recently promoted (AGMUT cadre ) who initiated a proposal for 100 freshly cooked meals every week for the poor suffering from mental disabilities for close to 2 years & running.
Sounds strange ? That's right, and it's true.
Usually we conclude that most IPS / IAS / IFS officers are only for the rich , powerful and politicians.
Shri Vishram Borkar ( IPS ) is just the opposite.
Shri Vishram Borkar ( IPS ) can be described  
1st  as a simple, humble , down to earth, understanding, compassionate human and then as a non corrupt, non egoistic, non controversial Police officer @ Goa Police. 
Our Trustees , Staff & friends in all our shelter homes are proud of Sir V. Borkar elevation from SP @ Goa Police to an IPS officer.
Little over two years , I had the opportunity to approach The Raj Bhavan @ Dona Paula, Goa with a proposal to install a food bank fridge at the entrance of The Raj Bhavan. 
Sir Borkar , SP & ADC , to the Hon Governor was the officer who I had an appointment with, through the ref.of Sir Bosco George ( IPS ) who then was SECRETARY to Hon Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. 
Meeting was very warm and assuring and 
Sir Borkar was considerate and understanding to the services we provide to the poorest of the poor goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Due to Security reasons the proposal was rejected of installation a food bank fridge at 
The Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula.
But what Sir Borkar did quickly was unimaginable
Sir Borkar,  let's say explained or rather convinced The Hon. Governor of Goa , to provide 100 freshly cooked meals from The Raj Bhavan once a week to our shelter homes which The Hon. Governor of Goa Shri P.S.Sreedharan Pillai instantly approved.
I mean why will a SP @ Goa Police and An ADC want to get involved in some small NGO when frankly speaking both of us have never met ever before ?
In due course of time I found the answer 
” Sir Borkar understands the suffering of people with disabilites especially the poor goans and the homeless in the streets with all types of disabilities “.
In our entire INDIA, there is no RAJ BHAVAN providing freshly cooked meals every week to any NGO to feed the poor except The Raj Bhavan @ Dona Paula , Goa to a small FOOD BANK called FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR at SANGOLDA run by Street Providence.
This small recommendation & convincing to 
A Hon.Governor of a State requires alot of guts and Sir Borkar needed to he sure that the NGO is the right choice as we are really small in size but big in our work.
We don't have any political God fathers neither are we politically connected , so it was really wonderful that 2 years back one simple, big tall man in a Police officer uniform out of the blues got Inspired from God to arrange freshly cooked meals to a worthy and genuine cause.
One thing about Sir V. Borkar is ” he is a very religious and God fearing man ” who wears his service towards the poor on his sleeve.
In due course of time , quite a lot of other benefits and requests towards our shelter Homes were addressed & sorted out by Sir V.Borkar ( IPS ) including his Wife who speeded up our shelter home request for 30 Domestic Gas cylinders from Hindustan Petroleum where she works , without any documentation & deposit.
As Sir Borkar ( IPS ) assumes his new role as an IPS officer, we are sure that he will always have a heart and mind towards helping the poorest of the poor suffering from Disabilities. 
Whenever Any Government official works towards the benefit of the poorest of the poor with complete dedication & without expecting a bribe , there will be always a smile on that officer face and there will be peace and happiness in the entire family added with good health.
Keep going Chief , your sincerity is a virtue which is rare to find these days.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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