24.11.2023. 7pm IST
Tomorrow we start the Novenas of St Francis Xavier @ Old Goa , and we also start serving FREE breakfast for just 1 hour ie 7am to 8am.
But what is the connection ?
But let's pray during these novenas for all those ladies suffering from mental disabilities & either turning semi clad on the streets or just ending their life with the abuses and stress of being unwanted and uncared by Society.
24 hours back,  a 75 year old goan lady was discovered, semi decomposed in a well – a matter of chronic case of mental disabilities.
Two days back we had put a post out, how we have rehabilitated / taken in two Goan ladies  –
☆ A. One roaming semi clad in a city & now rehabilitated &
☆ B. One highly educated Goan lady on the verge of reaching the streets and roaming around semi clad if not rehabilitated. 
Well this second lady is highly educated & is from the ST community and eldest of the other sibling. 
Being poor and from rural Goa , she studied for a Bachelor Degree in a specific field dealing with medication and started working to support her sibling and was self dependent for over 8 years. 
Her young siblings have studied Diploma in a field connected to health care.
All her young siblings fell in love and got married.
But this eldest child could not find a right boy &  felt upset to an extent that she lost her mind.
Developed Mental disabilities compounded with bio polar issues.
Last freaking 10 years totally gone haywire.
A case fit for immediate rehabilitation and continous company of a care giver as she gets totally afraid of darkness. 
As all siblings are married and struggling to earn a living and with each sibling having their own children in joint families, it's getting very difficult to care for this sister of theirs.
At the moment, last 10 years, the siblings are trying their level best to look after their eldest sister,  but the effects of the mental disabilities will start taking a toll on the small children in the family.
Major constraint in people with chronic mental disabilities is ” refusal to take daily psychiatric medications “.
She wants to get alright, she wants to feel better but the mind is playing tricks as the medication is not administered to her last so many years systematically & we are currently attempting to rehabilitate her in our home, by giving her medication which is prescribed by the IPHB.
Such poor chronic people just wander around endlessly and will either start talking to themselves or just go on singing unpleasant songs which finally will lead them  to getting semi clad on the streets.
And roaming and roaming around , they will get abused, hit , hammered, mocked , may be Even physically assaulted & sexually abused, forced into alcohol & drugs and finally one day found either dead or committed suicide.
And all comments appear with every one condemning the family, the government etc.
But when these same people were alive 
” SOCIETY Including ME , did nothing to bring little joy to them by helping them fight their battle against mental disabilities “.
Mental disabilities is at a ration of 1 : 5 whether the government accepts this fact or not.
That means after every 5 person , 1 person is suffering from mental disabilities. 
Let's stop focusing on celebrating and rather focus on those who are struggling to survive ESPECIALLY those ladies suffering from mental disabilities. 
Being a lady / girl with mental disabilities is the worst form of torture/ headache for any family members.
As we start The Novenas of St Francis Xavier @ Old Goa, I will be thanking God that we @ Street Providence Goa are blessed through the intercession of St Francis Xavier to have the Strength , Grace & commitment to fight this freaking unseen enemy in the form of mental disabilities that so many ladies / girls are going through.
We all need to see GOD in the poor and the marginalized especially those poor ladies suffering from chronic mental disabilities.
The breakfast serving for 9 days novenas is a thanksgiving for the STRENGHT , GRACE & RESOURCES to fight this freaking battle daily with no solution in sight. 
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God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848