15.11.2023. 7pm 
Join our clothes drive, be a proud donnor of your clothes and a generous benefactor with your donation along with your own preloved clothes.
Warm clothes and blankets for those in camps.
Winter is on the way and in some places its started and will last another 4 months.
We already sent 9200 brand new blankets to relief camps and another 800 are going in the 4th truck on 18.11.23.
And that makes it 10000 blankets to the relief camps ” all donated by YOU wonderful BENEFACTORS “
It's the warm clothes which is the need of the hour but it's a complicated service as there are procedures and ways of giving away second hand warm clothes.
One never knows when situations and circumstances can be revsered.
For warm clothes / clothes we had put a post saying give us Rs 5000 as donations and we will pick 30 clothes.
Good response 1600 clothes in the last 15 days  but people are grumbling ” why give our clothes and pay you ?”.
Most Said clothes are laundered . 
Ask when ?
Answer : about 3 months back.
That's not a way to give clothes.
Mostly clothes are given in old and dirty suitcases and bags which we can't send to others in such manner. 
So all clothes picked up go straight to the laundry and comes back in a neat box,  with camphor inside the box and a sleeve of brown paper on the top. 
Well look at the poster attached with the clothes.
Also look at the laundry bill of these 1600 clothes
If we just accept all clothes without any donation
then who will pay for :
☆ The local pick up of clothes from your home,
☆ Labour involved, 
☆ Laundry charges , 
☆ Storage and transportation from the laundry ,
☆ Truck freight to the relief camps. 
A 22 ft truck to the camps is rs 2 lacs plus.
To those wonderful people who Gave us their clothes and the donations – you did a service.
The poor who wear these clothes will BLESS YOU SPIRITUALLY.  You donations has come back to you in the SPIRITUAL REALM.
To those who want me to take their clothes without a DONATION –  please stop thinking you are doing a favour by giving away your clothes.
Old clothes in any closet for months and years are only adding to stress and no peace of mind as every day one looks at these unused clothes and that grumbling feeling comes to haunt .
Since i am not working on emotions, please avoid giving excuses like :
》We are senior citizens we can't give the donation,
》We will launder the clothes & drop the clothes,  so no donation ,
》Clothes are very good so why give you a donation
》We were told you take clothes but no one told us about giving a donation,
We @ Street Providence are doing no one a Favour, but a service and there are huge costs in each and every project at all stages including this clothes project.
We feel the pain,  despair , heart breaks , sickness,  suffering etc of so many poor people either on TV or on social media platforms.
But pity & sympathy without food, clothing,  medications is not going to get those suffering any benefit. 
If our NGO has to do a service it's only going to happen through DONATIONS from YOU our BENEFACTORS. 
Look around and see if you know anyone who is accepting clothes in bulk in Goa ? That too from your doorstep across entire Goa.
We have a capacity to accept upto 10000 pieces of clothes a month ie Rs 5000 for 30 pcs.
All these clothes are for poorest of the poor across Goa & other states of India and especially warm clothes are for the displaced people in the relief camps .
To give away your used clothes and especially warm clothes which are unused is something you need to decide as we are collecting clothes all 12 months but with your donation of Rs 5000 for 30 clothes  
” Any increase in fuel prices in the future will also lead to an increase in the Donation for 30 clothes” .
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848