13.11.2023. 7pm IST
We are hearing too many SILENT cries of poor goan women looking for shelter and medication due to poverty, abandonment & sickness.
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is starting our 6th Shelter Home for Women suffering from disabilities and the 10th overall shelter home in Goa, on 18.11.2023.
♡♡♡ Archbishop of Imphal, His Grace , Rev Fr Dominc Lumon, will be blessings this shelter home in the presence of Director of Women & Child, Government of Goa, Mrs Sangeeta Porob &  elected representatives from the local bodies.
STREET PROVIDENCE has collaborated with FMCK Congregation at their Candolim home to look after poor goan ladies suffering from disabilities with focus on Dimentia & other Neurological sickness.
Our collaboration with FMCK which started in mid 2018 , has been very successful & has grown from strength to strength.
Our homes for ladies suffering from disabilities supported by FMCK are at:
☆ Calangute 
☆ Cavelossim 
☆ Candolim 
We also have  ladies shelter homes at :
☆ Guirim  2 homes & 
☆ Chorao 1 home  
☆ Our one mens home at Cavelossim is in a house  which is owned by FMCK but rented out to our NGO for rehabilitation of the homeless men with disabilities.
The Provincal of St Clare @ FMCK & the council, understands the need of the hour of shelter homes for poor ladies with Disabilities & other neurological issues and that's why one can see the work right from 2018 growing consistently.
How many have heard of a lay NGO collaborating with a religious congregation ?
And that too with NUNS.
And too for 6 years and counting ?
Not easy for a lay NGO to collaborate, work, sustain and open up so many homes the way FMCK & our NGO has been doing it consistently. 
There are issues and hurdles but when both our FOCUS is on the same Charisma, everything else takes a back seat.
It's time other CRI ( GOA ) open up their homes for rehabilitation of the poor goans suffering from mental disabilities as everyone wants/ feels that Street Providence will take all and sundry on the streets for rehabilitation. 
But where are the HOMES ?
We as an NGO don't own any property and all our homes across Goa & India are in rented premises.
♡♡♡ Thanks to Sudharop NGO for donating 25 beds and 21 mattresses towards this 6th home.
Alot , I mean alot of poor goan women are suffering fron mental disabilities and are being abandoned by family members due to poverty and other genuine issues.
Alot of young girls/ ladies/ middle aged women are turning up homeless due to mental disabilities and no one wants to rehabilitate them on a long term basis as non of them can afford the fees of a home due to poverty and abandonedment.
80% ( of the 50 we care for) of the ladies we rehabilitate are poor goans who are suffering from chronic mental disabilities and if we were not in service of the poor , these 40+ goan ladies would be on the streets living an unbearable and pathetic life.
Coming 2024 , we are keen to start another 8 to 10 homes in Goa, with majority of these homes being only for poor goan homeless women suffering from mental disabilities and other neurological disorders. 
We are fighting a terrible battle in Goa against mental disabilities where by our own poor goans, especially ladies are crying silently due to mental disabilities and the need of the hour is more homes and blessings in the form of donations.
Not many are entering this field of providing free rehabilitation and shelter to those suffering from mental disabilities especially to the poorest of the poor as its a service which requires commitment and passion.
Please let's thank God as we innaugrate this 6th home on 18.11.23 at the hands of The Archbishop of Imphal, that many more poor goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities can get a dignified life in this shelter home.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848