30.10.2023. 7pm IST 
The Archbishop of Imphal, His Excellency, Reverend Father Domnic Lumon DD, is visiting Goa, and together with the people of Goa, will express gratitude to God for the restoration of peace in Manipur as well as to thank God for peace in the middle east.
This expression of thanks will be conveyed through celebration of  Holy Mass scheduled for 
November 18, 19 & 20th , 2023
Reverend Father Domnic Lumon DD, the Archbishop of Manipur, will be in Goa for three day, specifically to extend his thanks to the people of Goa for their support in providing relief materials to the people of Manipur.
At the age of 75 and nearing retirement, Archbishop Rev. Father Domnic Lumon DD accepted our invitation to visit Goa for a 3 days visit.
Over the past few months, Reverend Father Domnic Lumon DD has faced numerous challenges as he acted as a Good Shepherd for the displaced and vulnerable people in relief camps. 
These challenges include his hearing impairment and advancing age. 
Nevertheless, Archbishop Rev. Father Domnic Lumon DD has continued to lead with dedication and resolve during these last six months.
Our NGO received an official letter from the Archbishop of Imphal on June 26, 2023, requesting aid for the displaced people, including sending trucks from Goa with materials that were not readily available in Manipur during the conflict.
Our organization, Street Providence, has honored the commitment made on June 26, 2023, to the Archbishop of Imphal. 
As of October 20, 2023, benefactors from Goa have contributed over Rs 1.25 crores in aid, and more support is on the way.
The itinerary for the Archbishop of Imphal during his visit to Goa is as follows:
November 17 , 2023: Arrival in Goa in the evening

☆ November 18, 2023: Blessing of the 4th relief truck at 10 am @ St Francis Xavier church Duler

☆ November 18, 2023: Blessing of our 10th shelter home at 11 am @ FMCK , Candolim.

☆ November 18, 2023: Holy Mass @ St Thomas Church,  Aldona @ 4 pm.

☆ November 19 , 2023: Holy Mass @ Rosary church,  Navelim at 9.45 am.

☆ November 20, 2023 : Holy Mass at Pilar at 6pm 

☆ November 20 , 2023: Departure for Imphal late at night
As this marks his final official journey outside of Manipur in his capacity as the Archbishop of Imphal, with the new Archbishop assuming office on December 8th , 2023, let's come together to ensure that his visit to Goa is a cherished and spiritually enriching experience.
It's a challenging task for most of us to comprehend the responsibilities he bears at his age, particularly over the last six months.
Nevertheless, Reverend Father Domnic Lumon DD has admirably fulfilled his role as an Archbishop and a Shepherd.
Archbishop Domnic Lumon humorously mentions that “DD” stands for “DARE to DELIVER.”
If you wish to be part of this Thanksgiving program in any way you can, please feel free to reach out via WhatsApp at 8380097564.
The last visit of the Archbishop of Imphal to Goa was many many years ago, and this presents a unique opportunity for the people of Goa to extend their warm hospitality and affection to this remarkable individual who, despite his age, remains youthful in heart and mind before his retirement.
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God bless you all so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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