9.10.23. 10 pm IST
More than 100 people are missing in India’s northeast after heavy rain caused a glacial lake to burst, leading to flash floods which ripped through the Himalayan state of Sikkim. 
More than 22,000 people have been affected by the flood, prompting state authorities to set up 26 relief camps, according to the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority.
STREET PROVIDENCE & FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA has started relief work for the flood affected people in SIKKIM.
Our NGO has tied up with the SIKKIM CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION to provide relief materials to the affected people in Sikkim.
Our Volunteer Mr. Bosco George, (IPS Retd) has been entrusted with the task of putting into place a plan of action to ensure that the relief material reaches those most affected by this natural calamity. 
Presently dry ration consisting of :
☆ 40 bags rice
 ☆  5  bags dhal
☆ 10 crts of edible oil 
  ☆  2 bags salt 
  ☆  2 bags onion 
  ☆  2 bags potato 
☆ Tea leaves, lighters, candles, torch light ,soup pkt
☆ and medicines worth Rs 10,000/-  has been purchased in Gangtok by our NGO and routed through our team @ SIKKIM CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION
On 8.10 23 the team procured the dry ration and got the transport organized to leave for North Sikkim in 2 big transport vechiles.
On 9.10.23 ,  the team left at 4 am early morning, travelled 9 hours, then walked 1 full hour with the dry ration load as the roads are non existing and did the distribution. 
Late night by 9 pm , the team was back to the base all exhausted and tired as traveling 8 hours one way on non existing roads is not easy.
This relief material was sent to villages in the NORTH district of Sikkim. These are remote villages along the TEESTA BASIN.
The relief material purchased in Gangtok, was   transported by road uptil Naga and from there the material was delivered by head loads.
The road network and other infrastructure is presently not conducive for travel but in the next few days, a two / three member team of volunteers from STREET PROVIDENCE, Goa will be in Sikkim to assist those who might be severely affected by this floods.
Sikkim has just 30,000 + Christians of which 5000+ are Roman Catholics and SIKKIM CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION is one of the relief teams on the ground trying to assist those in need. 
However, the situation there is perilous. The flash floods have cause alot of destruction and devastation in about 4 districts.
As usual our Volunteer Mr. Bosco George, 
 IPS ( retd DIG ) has used his network to verify the needs of the people in the worst affected areas of Sikkim and according relief material is being sent .
Additionally  Mr. John Shilshi. IPS (Retd) who hails from the North East, also a volunteer / advisor with STREET PROVIDENCE has contacted persons working in the affected areas to ascertain their needs. 
With this information  obtained, our NGO will verify and act accordingly in the coming weeks once road network is restored.
Relief work is team work and co ordination with various other groups with a similar mission. It is definitely not a  1 man show nor a  means of cheap publicity.
With Two retired IPS officers on Board as volunteers, and taking charge of all our relief work – 1st in Manipur & now in Sikkim , our NGO stands committed to working for those poor and impoverished people who are affected due to natural and man made disasters across INDIA
( Certainly one day relief work out of India too ).
Since both,  Mr. Bosco George & Mr. John Shilshi are retired IPS officers, they are atuned to each other and their advice is always on the same lines and that makes our relief work reach the last point across any project we undertake.
These two make a lethal team together with our huge network of staff, long time volunteers and Benefactors.
Man made and natural calamities are continuously occurring here in India and we at Street Providence Goa are  working on a robust plan of responding to such disasters within the shortest possible time frame in providing assostance to those in need.
You too can play your part in SIKKIM  by supporting our SIKKIM RELIEF work. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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