12.9.2023. 8pm.IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA 5th shelter home for the women with disabilities and our 9th home overall in Goa is all set for the innaugration on 16.9.2023 @ CHORAO , Mayem Constituency. 
This women home will focus on providing care and rehabilitation to ladies suffering primarily from Autism & Downs syndrome and Parkinson & Dimentia run by our NGO.
At Chorao , there is a beautiful newly constructed old aged home run by ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” & we have been graciously given 4 big rooms in one wing on the 1st floor to run this rehabilitation home to house comfortably 10 ladies & 2 care givers.
Our association with ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” officially started 1 year back on 15.9.2022 @ one of their homes in Guirim which was not used and today that home cares for 10 homeless ladies suffering from mental disabilities.
This will be the 2nd home from the ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” being used to serve the poor ladies suffering from disabilities, operated and run under Street Providence Goa. 
As a principal, our NGO does not own any property in our name but we only use rented homes to run our rehabilitation program, as I believe WE COME WITH NOTHING & WE TAKE NOTHING.
♡♡♡ Mayem MLA , Mr PREMENDRA SHET has consented to be The Chief Guest &

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities,  Mr GURUPRASAD PAWASKAR has consented to be the Guest of Honour.
♡♡♡ We @ Street Providence , BLESS Sr RUFINA TOSCANO, Provincial of Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, for opening not one home but two homes in Goa towards the care & rehabilitation of the homeless street women & women with mental & intellectual disabilities.
Today our NGO has successfully been able to Collaborate & work with two CRI congregation in Goa, caring & rehabilitating  the homeless street people and people with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
☆ Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima – with 2 homes  &
☆ Franciscan Missionaries of Christ The King 
( FMCK ) – 3 homes ( shortly 4th home starting ).
Lay people working and operating shelter homes in CRI congregations  across INDIA is always and is considered IMPOSSIBLE. 
But in GOA , we have successfully been doing just the opposite – ITS POSSIBLE. 
When my thoughts about the poor , the hungry, the homeless, those with mental disabilities, etc match those who have taken vows to serve such sections of society then, HOMES TAKE SHAPE.
To address the issues in Goa of all types of disabilities – mental, Physical & Intellectual there is a permanent and a long term solution ready.
All CRI congregations in GOA should be encouraged to open / start only 1 home per congregation taking in 10 people with disabilites and see how quickly hundreds if not thousands of people in Goa are benefitted.
THE SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTER OF GOA & STATE COMMISSIONER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES , should take advantage of this existing infrastructure ASAP and see that government grant / aid is allocated to beat the rising numbers of people with disabilites in Goa.
Goa has a time bomb which has exploded & that is ” huge no of people with disabilites”  but yet no one has noticed or is bothering to even talk about this issue on a practical & on the ground basis as there are no SHELTER HOMES.
I had foreseen this issue about 7 years back and systematically and professionally I have gone about with our trustees and team members setting up such rehabilitation homes in Goa , Jharkhand and now Manipur.
In the last 6 months so many young and poor goans families are daily/ weekly approaching our office for rehabilitation & care and most of these requests are genuine, yet horrible & pathetic in nature.
16th morning our 2nd truck leaves for Manipur &
16th evening our 5th women home innaugration.
Please keep do praying for us and send us your blessings through your prayers as we go about doing our services to the poorest of the poor when the authorities avoid to do their part.
All admissions into this 5th home is strictly through Street Providence office at Sangolda.
All Queries & suggestions only through whatsapp messages on 8380097564 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848