10.9.23.  7pm IST
Fr Clifford Castellino, Parish Priest of Corgao church ( pernem ) is a bubbling human being who understands hunger & homelessness.
My association with Fr Clifford started a few months back when he accompanied me to our shelter home innaugration in Jharkhand exactly 3 months back.
A simple man who could adjust and twist into any role within a few minutes of time.
No flair or complications but down to earth except for that extra weight which he needs to cut.
In short , COOL & easy to get along , carries no VIBES showing that he is a Priest but understands hunger , homelessness, poverty, sickness , etc.
Fr Clifford is 1st, a simple human being , then a priest and plays many Roles in his 24 hours  :
☆ As a Parish Priest at Corgao ,
☆ As a Headmaster at the Parish school,
☆ As a member of the children court on Thursday,
☆ As an environmentalist at times, 
☆ And now as a volunteer to Street Providence. 
One our 1st trip to Manipur two months back, I had called Fr Clifford & he agreed to join & accompany the other 4 members and from that time he has understood the actual needs of those displaced in the camps.
Fr Clifford on his return back to Goa from Manipur did exactly what was expected of him.
The video attached is close to 45 days old but what he spoke in that video 45 days back he has put into practice.👇
Fr Clifford Parish is a rural & very small Parish but his heart ❤️ is of Gold.
Fr Clifford has been raising educational fees for those children in Manipur who require help to study and as of date more than 10 children have been sponsored an entire years education fee
@ Rs 40000 a child through Fr Clifford effort.
Fr Clifford has also been raising resources for our shelter homes across Goa.
Recently during the Novenas in his church 
Fr Clifford through his parishioners & friends , donated biscuits ,cerelac , etc in kind worth 
Rs 2 lacs.
Its very touching to see that inspite of being a rural small Parish with so many limitations, the Parishioners under the leadership of Fr Clifford opened up their purses to give cheerfully.
Fr Clifford is well known across Goa for his fight to save the environment and other pressings issues at Hand.
Fr Clifford has been trying to get people to help the MANIPUR RELIEF @ Street Providence as he had a 1st hand experience of what and how life is for those in relief camps.
Fr Clifford inquired with me well in advance what should the people donate in Kind and my request was  – CERELAC, BISCUITS & TOYS.
Fr Clifford has collected a huge quantity of good second hand toys which will go to the small children in the relief camps in this 2nd truck on 16.9.23.
Fr Clifford even arranged specific medicines which we actually mentioned to arrange.
As of today close to 15 + Parish Priests & Principals of Schools are collecting relief material in kind which has been predetermined well in advance. ( you just can't collect anything without confirmation and then force me to send it to Manipur ).
Its very touching to see so many Priests announcing in their churches to give in kind towards Street Providence.
We are not collecting any CASH in any church as we are content with people donating in kind.
The next 6 months in The camps is crucial as winter is approaching and we have a BLANKET drive going on.
We have set a target of 10000 NEW BLANKETS ONLY to reach the displaced people in the camps. 
We are also starting a drive very soon to collect and accept 10000 second hand BLAZERS & SHAWLS in GOA which we will send to the poor displaced people in Manipur. 
It will be the Icing on the Cake ” if all Parish Priests in Goa collect IN KIND specific predetermined relief materials (  which I will let you in advance ) in the respective parishes.
Alot of people want to give in Kind and we are ready to accept in kind.
Also if friends circle, clubs, companies, educational institutions, etc can collect in kind items which I will inform you in advance then thousands of displaced people from all communities in Manipur will be benefited.
Winter in Manipur touches 1 to 5 degrees and children & the elderly are in need of your little support & generosity just like FR CLIFFORD inspite of coming a small rural Parish in Goa could arrange and contribute so much.
It's very heartbreaking to know daily what the situations is in the camps through  messages and letters I get from our team back there. 
If we all get toghter and put aside a little monthly for the next 6 to 9 months , our FESTIVE SEASON which starts soon will have a fantastic meaning.
People require help and yes , YOU WE & US together can make a little difference just like 
Fr CLIFFORD did and will do.
All queries through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848