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To facilitate basic computer education for the lady inmates especially in our expanding shelter homes in Goa, we are in need of 8 to 10 laptops. 
Additionally, we are seeking computer teachers who can conveniently teach basic computer applications to educated & qualified inmates who are either homeless or facing mental disabilities.
Our homes are located at these talukas: 
Bardez , Salcette , Quepem 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is dedicated to not only rehabilitating Goans suffering from mental disabilities but also providing skill development and empowerment to women facing disabilities and homelessness. 
Over the past few years, we have been providing care and rehabilitation to Goan women and men with mental disabilities, many of whom were living on the streets or abandoned by their families for various reasons.
Currently we have 
☆ 55 + women of which 
☆ 44 are goans and of which 
☆ 25+, are 10th Std 12th Std, graduates and couple are post graduates one is a 3rd year LAW student
But due to psychiatric issues they need to be in a home and administered medicines.
In order to empower and enhance the skills of the individuals under our care, we have implemented and are currently introducing a wide range of skill development programs.
These include disciplines such as 
☆ Tailoring, 
☆ Needlework, 
☆ Flower making, 
☆ Poultry farming, 
☆ Agricultural techniques, and more.
Furthermore, we aim to provide instructions in basic computer skills to the individuals in our care, which is why we require laptops.
In the coming few months / year,  we are doubling our capacity from :
◇ 200 beds to 400 beds & 
◇ 8 homes to 16 homes. 
The majority of the inmates, particularly the women, are long-term residents and do not have anyone to return to at home.
These Goan ladies are and can be some one daughter,  sister  , wife , mother , etc but are abandoned because they suffer from mental disabilities and don't take their medication.
We currently have a skilled workforce undergoing psychiatric treatment. 
As the number of homes increases, our manpower will expand further, highlighting the need to provide them with specialized training and skills based on their abilities, considering that many of them have long-term mental disabilities.
The implementation of the aforementioned courses within the shelter homes is essential to enable the inmates:
to achieve self-sustainability, 
empowerment, and 
the utilization of their skills. 
Rehabilitating the homeless Goans with mental disabilities is one aspect, but empowering them with skill development is the focus @ Street Providence Goa. 
Due to the complex and interconnected activities at our NGO, providing basic computer education to individuals with disabilities will facilitate the recording of daily activities and information in each home. 
This data can then be entered into a centralized system and transmitted to the main office for efficient management and coordination.
All our homes are on CCTV and each home has broad band; so connectivity is always available.
Say in a ladies home of 10 pax :
☆ 1 or 2 ladies learn computers 
☆ 1 or 2 ladies learn Tailoring 
☆ 1 or 2 ladies learn poultry farming / Agriculture
☆ 1 or 2 learn flower making etc.
The overall environment within the shelter homes undergoes a positive transformation, resulting in reduced reliance on medication and fostering a sense of happiness, liveliness, motivation, and self-dependence among the inmates.
A similar situation exists in the men's home, where we currently house over 105 homeless men, the majority of whom suffer from mental disabilities.
Although we occasionally attempt to bring a few ladies with mental disabilities to our head office in Sangolda for computer lessons, this disrupts our already overloaded operations.
A video attached of one such Goan lady who we attempted to teach basic computers.👇
Consequently, we believe that teaching them within the home is the optimal choice.
We work with women who face immense challenges and difficult circumstances. 
The age range of Goan ladies/ girls in our shelter homes suffering from severe mental disabilities start as young as 25 years till 40 years and educated.
We have women whose medical records clearly mention :
But once they start rehabilitation program In our homes there is a total change within a few weeks.
Helping them through the recovery process can be emotionally demanding, but we strive to provide them with the necessary support and guidance. 
Our ultimate goal is to empower them to independently carry out their basic daily activities.
@ Street Providence Goa, our primary service :  
》Shelter Homes for the homeless ,
》Homes for the people with Disabilities ,
》Food bank fridges, 
》Physiotherapy centre's for the homeless 
》Skill development & women empowerment.
For those who wish to know more about our work , kindly visit our website Www.streetprovidencegoa.com
We are currently also actively involved in providing relief to those affected by the violence in Manipur.
Your support is what drives us to reach out to so many who require your help through us.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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