25.5.2023  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has a AFTER STROKE RECOVERY facility cum mini PALLATIVE CARE both for men & ladies separately in Bardez Taluka.
We @ Street Providence Goa primarily run  :
☆ 8 shelter homes for the homeless with disabilites, both ladies & gents,
☆ 3 Physiotherapy centre's for the homeless with disabilites, 
☆ 26 Food bank fridges to collect extra cooked food.

☆ We now have added an AFTER STROKE RECOVERY facility cum mini PALLATIVE CARE  in 2 of our homes.
♡♡♡ We thank Alcon Resort Holding Pvt Ltd for the CSR grant which enabled us to purchase 25 Fowler beds and additional aids. 
☆ 16 bedded facility for men &
 ☆  4 bedded facility for women.
With a good set of Physiotherapists & latest equipment at our Physiotherapy centre's we are treating already 6 such stroke related homeless and poor goans in our homes. 
Looking at the rising no of cases of homeless people suffering from stroke commonly from those who are consuming alcohol on tbe streets we set up these two after stroke recovery facility.
This trend is going up especially among the homeless and the cause is purely cheap alcohol.
Handling after stroke recovery patients is not easy task but with a huge manpower in our homes, qualified nurses and a perfect set of team force,  it was a desire to set up this after stroke recovery unit.
In the coming 6 months, we will have close to 
10 additional nurses trained for over a year, with specialty in Pchyistric care & after stroke recovery to help us meet the demand for the ever increasing cases of STROKE issues.
We are appealing for good Doctors both ladies & gents to assist us on part time basis especially if one has empathy for the poor and the homeless including our poor goans.
Both these facilities are primarily set up for poor goan homeless people & the homeless suffering from after Stroke and who require some support to get back on track till they regain some stability and mobility.
Our NGO has not only set up  Shelter homes in Goa , but we have diversified into Physiotherapy units, after stroke recovery unit and very soon we are starting shelter homes across many states in India.
For us @ Street Providence it's always about looking at the future seeing the number of homeless rising on the streets and our poor goans turning homeless due to mental disabilities.
I have seen the poor go through when they suffer from a stroke and this was one project that I was carrying on my mind for a very long time.
We plan projects based on the current homeless situations but looking at a long term futuristic situations where homelessness is going to be one big issue.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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