16.5.2023. 7 PM IST 
Are there genuine ethnic homeless Goans homeless on the streets in Goa ?
Few days back the  media highlighted through various channels that there are no ethnic goans on the streets.
Watch this 90 sec video and decide.👇
Case no 2
This ethnic goan homeless red saree lady was on the print & electronic media late February & early March 23 for many days as she was living on the streets in the heart of the Capital of Goa for months.
For years this lady has been living on the streets of Bardez and sleeping under trees and in bus stops due to severe mental disabilities.
We were requested in the last few years but we failed in trying to rehabilitate her.
The press in March 23 took it up, Goa police picked her up one night and dropped her home without attempting to admitt this ethnic goan lady into the IPHB so that she stabilises & bang next day she was back in Panjim.
☝️The above link if clicked will show you her condition two months back on the streets of Panjim.
We were again requested to help but by that time the Anjuna police got her relatives to give their assent in writing so that we could rehabilte her.
By then she was in panjim , Mermaid Garden and changed her saree so difficult to spot her.
A kind hearted & responsible Goa Police officer  Mr A Khan PSI , late March 23 spotted her , picked her up and brought her to us.
We appreciate the support given by the Doctors at IPHB bambolim in admitting , treating & stabilizing this ethnic goan homeless lady.
Something which did not happen in the last many years happened in just 1 month.
Today the red saree lady was discharged from IPHB and we admitted her into our home.
Never ever in the last 10 years have I seen this red saree lady walking without her bags under her arms and hanging from her shoulder.
And always muttering and murmuring to herself.
Today she has been totally set free of her mental disabilities and has left her bags.
No grumbling , no muttering. Cool & calm.
I was told that on the day of her admission into the IPHB & even after a few days she was clinging to those bags.
But now, the medication has started taking effect &  the treatment & the care and compassion shown at IPHB by the doctors & nurses is amazing.
If not kept in a shelter home for rehabilitation,  she will be bang again on the streets just wandering away to no where and sleeping back in the gardens, bus stops,  under trees,  etc.
For those who read and believed the reports in media few days ago ” there are no ethnic goans on the streets of Goa ” please read this post again and all facts can be verified at :
☆ Anjuna & Panjim police station ,
☆ Herald newspaper publication ,
☆ IPHB bambolim &
☆ In Siolim village where she originally is from.
What do you feel ? Are they ethnic goans living on the streets of Goa ?
There are close to hundreds of such ethnic Goans suffering from mental disabilities & crying silently on the streets of Goa for a hand to start afresh. 
But no one, I mean no one in Goa , except our NGO is hearing their cries and we are opening our doors 24*7 to these ethnic goans living like destitudes in our own state.
This is our 2nd case we are highliting to send a message that there are ethnic goan destitudes on the streets of Goa and the state needs to do something about it.
I admitt this was one of the most complicated and difficult rehabilitation case as it involves 2 police stations and the lady was not easy to handle at all.
But WE DARE TI DREAM & we took the challenge and took the problem by the horns and today she is totally set free after years and years of torment on the streets of Goa.
Tonight she sleeps in a home witn other ladies, has a nice hot bath,  eats a warm meal in a plate and watched TV .
Thanks to all our team members and staff @ Street Providence Goa. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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