27.4.2023. 7pm IST 
Exactly 2 months back this old  abandoned homeless lady was on a wheel chair and could not even stand straight. 
This is the link of the post we had uploaded on that day when we accepted her on 3.3.23.
Today afte 2 months of rehabilitation and Physiotherapy,  this is the same lady standing straight and walking by herself.👇👇
The lady speaks only TELUGU  & was referred to our home from CHICALIM HEALTH CENTRE. 
Wheel chair bound and with a walker to move around . 
Weak stressed and metal plates in her leg. 
Inspite of her being on a pamper and wheel chair bound we accepted her into the home. 
Today she walks perfectly well, has a bath by herself, uses the washroom and very quite and peaceful . 
BUT ONLY SPEAKS TELUGU , which we don't understand. 
But the show goes on. 
Such people once discharged from hospital will surely be crawling and begging on the streets to survive if no one puts them in a shelter home. 
Our NGO has accepted and still rehabilitates so many such men & women from the streets who might have been begging to survive. 
Sad state for such old homeless abandoned ladies living either on streets or admitted in hospitals. 
Not an easy task for most of the other old  Homes but @ Street Providence it's A DREAM WE DARE TO DREAM. 
3 of our 4 ladies shelter homes have affectionate and loving NUNS who are supported by rehabilitated street women who assist in taking care of pamper and wheel chair bound ladies. 
Infact in 2 of our ladies homes we Have employed SEMI PROFESSIONAL NURSES who have done 1 year nursing course as FULL TIME CARE GIVERS. 
As of today we are providing care to close to 60 homeless ladies of which 50 of them are on psychiatric treatment. 
It takes alot of MOTIVATION, COMMITMENT. TIME , ENERGY & RESOURCES to rehab the homeless especially THE LADIES. 
Our NORTH GOA , lady Physiotherapist,
Miss Charmaine puts in alot of effort at our SANGOLDA CLINIC to help such wheel chair bound homeless people get back to their feet. 
Your support and encouragement is what keeps our team going on and on , day after day. 
At Street Providence it's all about TEAM WORK. 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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