22.4.2023. 7pm IST 
☆ Case no 1 

STREET PROVIDENCE GOA accepts this young homeless abandoned  Maharashtrian lady brought by Colvale police station very late night at 12.30 am . 
A case of extremely sad state of affairs ( which I can't write here). 
We could have rejected the request on the spot but on humanitarian grounds we took her in. 
Infact I suspected a major health issue as the initial medical check up by the Police took alot of time. 
And for over 3 hours various teams of ours consisting of 6 staff including an 80 year old nun who runs our shelter home was waiting right from 9,30 pm till 12.30 am to accept this lady. 
In the last 5 years of our rehabilitation program of the homeless, this is only the 2nd lady who we have accepted with such a medical issue and who is facing and going through the worst form of a trouble which no lady should ever experience. 
Being poor is one part,  but being in a situation where this lady has to suffer for no fault of hers is cruel and we as an NGO can only support her through her difficult situation temporarily. 
I am sure she has walked from Kudal in Maharashtra to Goa in the last 7 days and is going to mental agony coupled with the heat, Hunger and rejection of being NOW WHERE. 
It's really nice and HUMANE on the part of COLVALE POLICE STATION to get this lady off the streets after she might have been walking last 7 days. 
Her last night medical check up done raised RED FLAGS & so today our team took her again for a complete and through check up. 
Too weak and undernourished. 
Infact she even just collapsed in the hospital during the medical check up today due to weakness,  stress and tiredness. 
Monday another check up and assessment to help her sort put her troubles and then we will get the police to take her home. 
She says its a living dungeon back home and I can't decide how best to help her as she might just walk away if she is dropped back Home  and end up in more troubles. 
Some times it's difficult to refuse admission and some times I am forced to take tough decisions. 
In this case the lady will have to be sent back with the Police to her native place or to a hospital for her medical issues. 
Infact I personally called up the Dysp of Sawantwadi jurisdiction and explained that this lady has health issues and we can't keep her in the shelter Home please locate the family. 
Rehabilitation and providing medical and other services is okay. 
But this lady problem is with her health & the issue is beyond our NGO capacity. 
If you see such homeless ladies in Goa on bus stops, railway stations, gardens or just wandering endlessly PLEASE CALL THE POLICE. 
Police are bound to get help to these homeless genuine ladies on the streets. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848