16.3.2023. 7pm IST 
When the Department concerned does not show interest in their own projects listed on their own web site of how to save food from going waste , then what is the next solution ?
One of India's biggest Food Bank network collaborates with our NGO @  Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa to distribute to the poor and needy packaged food manufacturered by MNCs well before the expiry date of the products in Goa
Usually big brands manufacture packaged food and it's distributed through the FMCG distributors
What happens when these goods are not sold on the shelves of shops & Supermarkets ?
It goes back after expiry date to the distributor and then to the depot and it's thrown out into the garbage.
Food bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa was started way back in 2017 on a small note with just 1 fridge running for over 6 months .
Saving of food can be looked from two angles basically through this post.
☆ 1. Freshly cooked food 
☆ 2. Packaged and manufactured food products.
◇ 1. Today daily we pick and accept 400 – 500 kgs of fresh cooked food through our Food Bank fridges installed across Goa and through our Food collection from factories. 
Monthly we collect around 14 to 15 tonnes.
Freshly cooked good extra food has to be moved out as quickly as possible which we have been doing non stop last 5 years.
◇ 2. Packaged and manufactures food products is a bigger area of food wastage in India and today we have an opportunity to enter this sector all because of One of India's biggest Food Bank network collaborates with our NGO @  Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa.
We feel that every month in Goa itself close to 20 to 30 tonnes of packaged and manufactured food is being thrown out into the garbage.
Today we received close to 
◇ 230 kgs of KITKAT 2F @ 9360 pcs
◇ 156 kgs of Maggi Cup Noodles soup@ 1248 pcs.
This is just the beginning and we will be distributing this  :
▪︎to children in rural parts of Goa ,
▪︎ to children suffering from HIV
▪︎ to children suffering from disabilites.
We are aware of more such stocks reaching our food bank in Goa and what the Department could have done all this while is being done by our NGO today by the Grace of God .
This leading Food Bank Network based in Delhi is yet to personally meet me but the amount of work our food bank has been doing last 5 years has caught their attention and in GOA the Department is sleeping doing absolutely nothing to save food from being wasted.
Its a SHAME that all our requests, Applications, explanations, hard work last few years is just ignored due to EGO of the Director and we wait for the new Director who will be taking over after the current Director retires in a few months from now.
In the mean time i personally feel SATISFIED & HAPPY that a leading Food Bank Network in INDIA from Delhi has entrusted our FOOD BANK @ STREET PROVIDENCE to avoid packaged food from going waste and given us an opportunity to feed the poor, needy and deserving in Goa.
No matter how many obstacles I faced to put this packaged food project from becoming a reality with the Department, that effort did not go waste.
Today we are ready to accept monthly 10 tonnes of packaged and manufactured food items into our FOOD BANK and we can feed many many children & our poor goan people who just might feel that SOME ONE CARES for them.
If any food manufacturer in Goa or surrounding areas of Goa read this post and wish to feed the poor and needy instead of throwing out their manufactured food products please get in touch with me on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848