11.1.2023. 8Pm IST
Depression , stress,  anxiety , rejection,  abandonment, etc are some of the factors which leads to homelessness and later on Suicide.
This young goan married lady went through all this and to an extent even burnt herself slightly.
Not posting any of her pictures of the past as she was miserable and totally unclean. 
But attached a 1 min current video of her👇👇
Married a man from MP and he just disappeared two years back with no communication and no trace of himself. 
He brother in law took her in along with her mother but the situation got so bad that all fights and that too with knives as she refused to take daily medications. 
Bro in law has a small child who would get traumatized and many times this goan lady would walk out at night and police would find her and call the bro in law & mother and the same story .
Goan lady reached a stage where she would just be loitering outside the casinos in panjim hallucinating that her husband works there and would be living and sleeping right on the streets of panjim which could and can be highly dangerous for a woman.
Late Sept 22 , PSI Mr Sanket @ panjim police station called me 9pm asking to help. 
Same night till about 1am I was physically in IPHB getting this lady admitted. 
Admission is not what we stopped at .
After a month of  follow up and inquiring about this patient , her mother got her admitted into our Shelter home. 
In the last 45 days,  big improvements in this goam married abandoned lady. 
We had to take a lot of trouble once she was brought to our home as she wanted to go and stay with her husband. 
Video in konkani says it all.
Today Much cool and calm .
Does alot of light work and takes her medication daily. 
But with medication and nutrition and company of other women in the home surely she will get much more better today.
This is the sad state of goan people suffering from mental disabilities and if not addressed in time leads to suicide. 
The support system of shelter homes for poor people suffering from mental disabilities is very negligible or next to existence and if not addressed on a war footing can spiral out of control. 
What is the future of such abandoned goan people ?
If medication not administered in time can lead them back to their old habits .
We need more shelter homes and more lady care givers to address the issues of homeless ladies suffering from mental disabilities living on the streets of Goa .
It's time all women activists get into this service of starting atleast one shelter home for the poor homeless women suffering from mental disabilities .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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