28.2.2022  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA today admits a desperate Goan lady ( close to being a senior citizen) and her adult son , a Pwd Upto 90% into our men & ladies shelter homes . 
♡♡ Big Credit goes to PSI Mr Bhat from Porvorim Police Station who used his presence of mind and humane nature and got this lady connected to our shelter homes 
The lady is abandoned and is upset at her being isolated,  rejected , not cared for by various sections of society add to it an adult man with disabilities and no source of income besides the government dole . 
Life is cruel and being a single woman with so much to carry is more difficult to believe . 
Abandoned as she says by even her own brothers & sisters ( this is what she stated infront of the Police ) is all the more sad and upsetting for her . 
Add two years lockdown and a small 5*5 room where she stays with no love and affection from even the neighbours . 
Right receipe to take drastic steps as mind can start playing nasty tricks. 
She has been knocking on many many doors over the last few months to get rehabilitation both for her and her adult son who is Pwd. 
But not many responded to her cry as I am not sure if there are any shelter homes having facility for mother and a son with Pwd and that too absolutely free. 
So , where do such cases go ? 
Who is the authority for them to get a little better life and some support? 
I know many many such cases across rural goa , where Pwd has no one . 
Either Pwd has only an old mother or a brother or just some aunt or some distant relative who either can't look after their own selves, leave alone this PWD and most of the time they are admitted into IPHB and that's another truth for another day. 
In our shelter homes both ladies & gents , we currently have close to 25 to 28 such ethnic goans admitted & who are in this situation and it's rising and rising fast . 
I thank God for giving me a Vision to start so many homes FREE OF COST for the most neglected,  abandoned,  forgotten section of our Society . 
Such cases are life long members of our shelter homes with absolute no other place for them as they are not welcomed anywhere in the condition they are presently in . 
And if you know such cases in Goa , please do help such families by getting the local police station involved. 
We will help for sure once all paper work is done and complete. 
To our benefactors who have stood with us for the last 5 years , I thank you for the support as it's a tough service without any charges or fees from such admissions. 
With no financial help from the Government of Goa ( except one ladies home is funded for 
Rs 6 lacs per year for about 12 ladies ) we are thankful to generous and long time benefactors who play and important part in keeping our NGO flag flying high . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848