23.2.2022  7pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR,  SANGOLDA GOA Installs 2 fridges at Mapusa & Calangute Police Station. 
Yes food bank fridges at a Police Station. 
Police stations are open 24*7. 
That's the advantage to anyone having extra food especially at night . 
Our motive is to save food from being thrown out into the garbage . 
On Monday 21st we installed a fridge at Mapusa Police Station with the Inspector Mr Neenad Deulkar giving us full support. 
Today Wed 23rd we installed another fridge at Calangute Police Station with the special attendance of SDPO Porvorim , Dysp Vishwesh Karpe who did the honours of inaugurating the fridge in the presence of :
Calangute PI : Mr Laxi Amonkar & 
Saligao PI : Mr Tukaram Chavan 
We plan to install in total 15 such fridges in various Police stations across Goa . 
If in each Police station fridge we can get daily just 10kgs of food,  we save in a month per Police station 300kgs of food being thrown out . 
So see this calculation : 
15 fridges * 30 days * 10kgs = 4500 kgs 
Now per month 4500 kgs *12 months = 54000 kg 
Now that's alot of saving of wet garbage. 
Also 1kg food is enough to feed 3 meals. 
Multiply :
4500 kgs * 3 meals = 13500 meals / month 
54000 kgs & 3 meals = 162000 meals/ year . 
This is what food banks are about . 
Take our shelter homes :
Today 100 inmates * 3 meals * 30 days = 9000 meals a month. 
9000 meals * 12 months = 108000 meals 
So these 15 Police station can easily support our current strength of homeless people daily  
This is just one sector of getting food into our homes without any stress and tension. 
Shelter homes issues are food,  as that costs more than 50% of all other costs. 
With future plans for additional homes for homeless street people being worked out and with our numbers being any away between 400 to 500 people rehabilitated through our NGO, incoming food is a must . 
In short, if our food bank programs can get daily 500 to 700 kgs of assured food , we can look after many many more homeless and sick people including children  
For now please create a habit of saving food and giving to us in our food bank fridges which within the next 10 days will be across Goa . 
☆ 15 in Police Stations 
  ☆ 2 at petrol pumps
  ☆ 2 in personal homes 
  ☆ 1 at Sangolda on the chogm road. 
Once again no personal remarks on the fridges coming up in Police Stations. 
We all need to work together for the upliftment and welfare of the poor , hungry , homeless and people with disabilities. 
Besides with summer approaching , these fridges can also double up to store bottled water for the police personel as food is not going to be coming all the time throughout the day . 
Last , please don't waste food . 
Tomorrow  we install another fridge at Cuncolim Police station which will be managed by our initial volunteer last 4 years from Velim Mrs Elaine . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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