8.2.2022  2pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST is now ready to open their doors in Goa to those impoverished MEN suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Diseases and those who are partially or completely Blind. 
Also opening the doors & starting a Women’s Shelter Home, which will now care for women who are HIV positive and are weak and stressed. 
The poor and marginalized suffering from the above-mentioned sicknesses have no other recourse and our NGO in Goa has decided to step in and help them lead a life of dignity and peace. 
Presently, STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST has a ready Shelter Home for MEN ONLY for the above-mentioned diseases in addition to our existing Shelter Home for Homeless HIV positive men. 
We need to urgently start a Shelter Home for HIV positive women. 
We are unable to house them in our 2 existing women Shelter Homes (which are full to capacity), due to space constraints and the need for separate washrooms etc 
Both our women Shelter homes take care of women with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
Caring for Homeless persons suffering from the above-mentioned diseases requires great skill and dedication. 
We are looking to partner with
☆ 1. Doctors / Consultants / nurses 
☆ 2. Care givers either husband & wife or single 
☆ 3. Counsellors / experts with experience 
☆ 4. Volunteers who would like to join as full time give caregivers.
☆ 5. Residential accommodation to house street women who are HIV positive. This will be run and supported by the NGO.
☆ 6. Other NGOs / organization who would like to help/assist in any way. 
Presently, there is no such FREE Shelter Home in Goa to help NIZ GOENKARS, suffering from the above-mentioned sicknesses and our NGO in Goa, being aware of this, is keen on stepping in and providing this facility. 
Since 2017, our NGO has been actively involved in caring for and rehabilitating homeless street men and women, many of whom suffer from Physical and Mental Disabilities. 
Presently we provide care to 110 + such persons and 50% of them are NIZ GOENKARS. 
We have :
▪︎4 blind men, 
▪︎1 man with Dementia & 
▪︎1 woman with Parkinson’s disease ▪︎besides those suffering from physical and mental Disabilities . 
Caring for them has brought us face to face with the reality of their situation which would be further compounded if they were living on the streets. 
Their plight motivated us to extend the service to as many as we could care for. 
The pandemic has further added to this problem as poor Niz Goenkar families just cannot afford to care for their members suffering from these diseases resulting in more of them being abandoned on the streets. 
We are trying to create a team of Professionals and volunteers who can assist our NGO and help us reach as many of these Homeless Street persons in need of FREE care and Rehabilitation and fellow poor NIZ GOENKARS 
Those who can afford,  can chip in .
God is always Gracious and kind to our NGO, and has connected us to : 
▪︎Generous Benefactors , 
▪︎Shelter Home Facility to admit more homeless street men,
▪︎Male care givers rehabilitated from the streets and now trained to care for other inmates , 
▪︎The Food Bank Program where daily fresh edible food from canteens, Hotels etc is sent to our Shelter Homes ,
▪︎State Government Departments who have assisted the NGO in the last 5 years ,
▪︎Good health facility through DHS & IPHB for treatment of the residents, 
▪︎A very supportive police force @ Goa Police,
▪︎And numerous upright and supportive bureaucrats………………………………………… 

ALL who have helped the NGO in its mission “To end Hunger and Homelessness “in Goa. 
As an NGO, we are trying to create a team of Professionals to make this Programme of caring for persons with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, the partially or completely Blind people and women who are HIV positive a feasible one. 
Once the infrastructure and Management process is set up, the NGO will post updates about the admission process. 
If any of you reading this post, would like to be a part of this very rewarding yet very difficult Programme, please whatsapp message on 83800 97564 / 70203 14848. 
I can assure you that the reward in helping the need and marginalized is beyond the imagination of man!!!!! 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020324848