11.11.2021  7pn IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , presents you our Volunteer Mr Orlando Mesquita, from Benaulim. 
Orlando has been associated with our NGO as a volunteer right from Dec 2017. 
I remember , when we just started our 1st home in Dec 2017, Orlando would pick men from the streets of Margao & Coastal area and bring them to our home. 
He would literally pick , clean and get them to have a bath,  put them in his car and drive quite often from Margao to Porvorim . 
This went on for 1 year and in Dec 2018 , when we started in Cavelossim our other men home he would drop men there. 
Always cheerful and AVAILABLE .
When we started another home in margao , Orlando was a big help in setting up and repairing the home 
A successful and honest Builder by profession , this is the only volunteer who has stood with our NGO from start till date . 
♡♡ Orlando is contactable on 9011057972. 
And he answers all calls . 
He never tries to work on his ABILITY but only on AVAILABILITY. 
Last 6 months,  Orlando is practically taking care of 25+ homeless men on a daily basis at our Cavelossim home. 
He comes every morning and every evening to the home all the way from Benaulim. 
He has started with these homeless men :
▪︎1. A small plant nursery 
▪︎2. Cultivated 3 different vegetable gardens.
▪︎3. Started Coco Peat manufacturing 
And thus kept all these homeless men , who majority are disabled totally occupied. 
He drives them to hospital , to doctors,  for checkups to health centres without a grumble . 
He never feels dirty or afraid of blood , urine smell or any other defects in these homeless men . 
He treats all men with the same passion and approach irrespective of their sickness or their disabilites. 
I at times wonder what makes this man want to help such people inspite of their disabilites. 
The answer which comes back is AVAILABILITY. 
ORLANDO knows their :
▪︎Appointments ,
▪︎Food habits, 
▪︎Internal issues
He is OUR NGO man for all situations in Cavelossim home . 
We employed many men with decent Salary in this particular home at Cavelossim but it never was easy for them to come with the feeling of AVAILABILITY like Orlando has shown . 
No complaints,  no murmuring,  no short cuts is how I can describe Orlando. 
Speaks softly, slowly and very quietly. 
But his work is extraordinary because of his AVAILABILITY & not ABILITY . 
When we started this home in late Dec 2018 , I often wondered how this home would be managed as the distance is 70 kms approx 1 way from Sangolda . 
But God had prepared this man ORLANDO MESQUITA even before we started the Cavelossim home. 
Orlando AVAILABILITY to reach out to the homeless street men was there right from 
Dec 2017. 
With much humility I can say , with Orlando on the job at Cavelossim,  alot of pressure and stress has been taken away from my shoulders as I sleep peacefully being assured any issue in CAVELOSSIM home , Orlando will take care . 
He has created his own team in this home from the homeless men itself. 
And today as we embark on another men's home in QUEPEM TALUKA,  where the renovation work is about to start , ORLANDO again has shown his AVAILABILITY. 
It's surely THE GRACE OF GOD & THE FAVOUR OF GOD which had brought such a man like ORLANDO to our NGO . 
When at times Orlando is occupied with his work,  his son steps in for his dad . 
If you reading this post are inspired by ORLANDO & believes in AVAILABILITY then we can connect through whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
Our NGO is always looking for Volunteers across Goa who share my dream of looking after 500 homeless people one day in Goa . 
It can be full time with a basic salary or
It can be part time or 
Free & voluntarily with any salary . 
Another good point about Orlando , is alot of his family members,  relatives & friends are today our benefactors and are often blessing our NGO 
I thank God, for the gift of Orlando :
to the homeless poor people , 
to me &
to our NGO 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848