3.8.2021 6 pm IST
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR , SANGOLDA , GOA today sent our 2nd vehicle for the flood affected areas of rural Goa today .
We thank our main benefactors :
♡♡ Goans4Goa, UK
♡♡ Mrs Nadine
♡♡ Mr Assis
♡♡ Mr Abbas Rishtey
We located a particular school in Dharbandora Taluka and we requested the nuns to distribute it to the needy In the near by villages headed by Sr Flory ( FMCK) the Principal.
Akash our volunteer had done a survey in these villages and he gave us a clear report of the help required by the villagers. 
The nuns did a survey in their school and exactly gave us a list of students who required note books from this school .
We sent the following items:
☆ A.
▪︎144 nos toothpaste
▪︎72 nos Tea powder 
▪︎72 nos Milk powder 
▪︎50 nos Bleaching powder
▪︎10 kgs sugar
▪︎10 kgs masoor Dal
▪︎60 packs big candles
▪︎144 nos toothbrushes
▪︎144 nos Lifebuoy soap 
▪︎96 nos Maggi noodles
▪︎60 nos Tiger biscuit 
▪︎90 nos Wheel soap 
♡♡ Thanks to Mrs Nadine for the 👆 items 
☆ B.
▪︎60 nos new plastic buckets & 
▪︎60 nos new plastic mugs
♡♡ Thanks to Assis for the 👆 items 
☆ C.
▪︎Note books for 40 students as requested by the concerned school with exact break up .
♡♡ Thanks to Goans4Goa, UK for 👆 the books 
☆ D.
▪︎Clothes well packed, ironed, washed & folded 
♡♡ Thanks to Abbas Rishtey from Bicholim 👆 for the above 
▪︎100 bedsheets , a few towels & a few pillow covers and other clothes. 
♡♡ Thanks to Akash Pednekar our volunteer from Curchorem & Sapnesh Salgaonkar our Operation Manager for the co ordination and going along with the Vehicle. 
This being a long trip from porvorim and it being the rainy season we did not load the vehicle too much .
We have many more trips in this particular taluka and other talukas 
Our collection drive across Goa is on till 7.8.2021 and should you wish to help people affected by the floods, then you can donate to us .
We have 14 centres across Goa to accept your donations in kind. 
It's not a OLD CLOTHES COLLECTION drive so please take note .
If anyone wishes to donate stationary like:
▪︎Note books 
▪︎Compass boxes 
Please do .
You can also donate only through Cheques / NEFT.
We don't accept cash neither will any of our volunteers ask you for cash. 
We offer you 50% income tax exemption under section 80G on your donations. 
If you have any trouble in reaching our volunteers phone no please get in touch with me through whatsapp on 8380097564.
No calling me please as the range is a big issue at my end .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848