12.7.2021 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA last year , (same date) gets off the streets of Goa , 2 young children , Lovely and Pretty ( named changed) who were with their grandfather for many many days in a bus stop all cold, wet , & hungry .
Today we tell you how things have changed for them in just 1 year.
Attached a 1 min video and a picture when we were alerted about them last year. 👇
Their true life story. 
Last year 1st wave , total lockdown & heavy rain. 
Father died due to alcohol.
Mother till June 10th 2020 , was in Gmc admitted and ultimately died in Gmc.
During their stay with their mother in Gmc , both these children would be seen begging to survive outside GMC.
After the cremation of their mother, they were thrown out wherever they were staying as their immediate or close family could not afford to feed them. 
They were staying in a old bus stop in Bicholim for many days. 
Their plight caught many many people attention but not sure what the outcome was. 
We too were informed.
On 11.7.2020 , a young lady who is also is a bank manager in a leading pvt bank called me up and requested to pls help as it was her birthday and for quite a few days she was providing them meals. 
We explained the procedure. 
She approached the then local Police Inspector, Mr Sanjay Dalvi , who also got in touch with us and assured all help to get the children and their grandfather off the streets into our homes .
Adv Caroline & Sapnesh both drove to the spot , Adv Caroline got the children into warmer clothes and comforted the children. 
All this took about 4 hours. 
That day 11.7.2020 the rain was really bad just like it is raining today 12.7.2021.
Anyway, the police reached our home by 
9 pm and we immediately kept the children in a children shelter home and the grandfather with us. 
The children were cold , hungry , traumatized, upset, lonely etc.
The pandemic was so scary last year that we did not want to take any chances so the children stayed there till Oct 2020 without moving out .
Thanks to CWC ( North Goa ) for understanding the difficult scenario and all the support , these children were OFFICIALLY admitted to a recognized FOSTER CARE HOME for children with all paperwork and documentation. 
Today I can be PROUD & I thank GOD for all in this sequence :
♡ 1. The lady bank manager 
♡ 2. Goa Police @ Bicholim Police Station 
♡ 3. Adv Caroline
♡ 4. Sapnesh Salgaonkar 
♡ 5. The convent which opened their doors for 4 months during the 1st wave 
♡ 6. Orlando Mesquita who was the only link between the convent & us for 4 months 
♡ 7. The old committee of CWC ( North Goa )
♡ 8. The FOSTER parents @ The FOSTER CARE HOME.
Lovely & Pretty today :

☆ 1. Go to a reputed school ( online classes )
☆ 2. They are learning music & other hobbies
☆ 3. They are having a tutor to brush them up.
Look at the picture 1 year back and the short video of both of them playing the organ today .
It's amazing and a dream come through for these once upon a time abandoned children in a bus stop. 
I thank God for giving our NGO an opportunity to help these poor children last year .
But inspite of all the troubles, the children today have lived up to everyone expectations & I feel all the trouble, stress, summons, etc has brought good fruit. 
♡♡ A big big thanks to the FOSTER CARE HOME & THE LOVELY YOUNG COUPLE who are doing a fantastic job with a total of 11 other children .
If you see such homeless children, please stop by and call the local police and follow up till that children are moved to safety .
Or get in touch with me through whstsapp only on 8380097564and I will try to help out with such cases. 
Once again let's all give & live with COMPASSION especially to those who are homeless and on the streets. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848