24.6.2021 7 pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA is grateful to  the Government of Goa , for the financial support to one of our Shelter Homes for  homelesss street women. 
♡♡ Indebted to the Director of Women & Child Development ( DW&CD) ,  Mrs Deepali Naik , for implementing this scheme for women in distress.
Here I would like to mention that grants have been sanctioned for the second consecutive year to our Shelter Home for Women in Distress.
♡♡ Thanks to the staff of DW&CD, led by Social Welfare officer Ms Lynette Viegas, and team, including Ms Neha for conducting physical audit of our Shelter Home and guiding us through the procedures of completing the paper work.
☆ For the FY 2019-20, the Grant was released in August 2020.
☆ For the FY 2020 – 21, the Grant was released in June 2021.
This amounts pays for the rent of the Shelter Home, salary of  the care giver and for food and clothing of the women inmates. 
This kind of support from the Government department is what encourages STREET PROVIDENCE in our mission to end homelessness in Goa.
I am happy to say that this department has displayed sheer professionalism in disbursing the Grants and this is exhilarating. 
Our experience shows that compliance to rules and regulations of the Scheme ensures  Grants are released on time. 
Our  office team is very methodical  in  maintaining accounts and records and always prompt in providing necessary information required by the department.  
Based on our experience with DW&CD, we are now in the process of  applying for a grant under a different scheme for the second Shelter Home for  Women in Distress which has already begun functioning.
It is only a matter of time, paperwork and follow up. 
With the ongoing  pandemic , the number of  homeless especially people with disabilities is increasing .
The number of calls/requests to rescue the homeless from the streets have increased as compared to last year.
If any one knows of any central or state government schemes which our Shelter Homes can apply for, please let me know. 
If any NGO needs help in applying for the same  schemes  please get in touch with me .
Once again I thank all at DW&CD for all the support to our NGO as well as other NGOs who are working for the welfare of women & children in Goa .
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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