30.4.2021  8 am IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA is now officially registered under The Disability Act 2016, through the Social Welfare Dept, Panjim, Government of Goa .
Yesterday received our REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE. 
This is a very big boost for us in our fight against hunger & homelessness in Goa.
We had to go to many government officials,  departments , procedures, follow ups, etc.  
But inspite of the troubles and heart breaks,  we managed to get the REGISTRATION. 
And we are grateful and thank many of the  Government officials who have helped and guided us.
This certificate authorizes us to look after people with disabilities both physical and mental. 
From DEC 2017 , we have been looking after homeless street people with disabilities.
During the early year of 2018 , I made numerous trips to the Social Welfare Dept, Panjim , trying to get an understanding of the registration. 
A. Thanks to this honest and upright Goan officer at the Social Welfare Department Panjim , Mr Suddesh Gaude , who was the Asst Director , today we are able to get the registration. 
Mr Gaude , explained to me that we require to complete 2 years of operations before we can be registered. 
He also advised me that every time we open a home in Goa, we should send  a letter to the Dept for the record. 
After 2 years of running the Shelter Homes,  I wrote 2 applications to the Social Welfare  Department for registration of our NGO.
Alas, I did not receive a reply.  And then the pandemic struck.
Mr Gaude went from the Social Welfare Department to the IPHB in Bambolim.
Rehabilitation work of disabled homeless street people continued.
Late last year , the Disability Act 2016 , began to take shape and we  were aware that we needed to get registered with the Social Welfare. 
But we faced many hurdles on the way to being registered:
We needed to obtain the following 
☆ 1. Individual Disability certificate for our inmates
☆ 2. Individual adhar card for each inmate
☆ 3. Endless trips to IPHB & GMC with each inmate.
☆ 4. Inspection of premises by officials of Social Welfare. 
Again ( now ) Asst Prof, Mr Gaude,  advices and helps us .
☆ 1. He calls Director of Planing , Statistics & Evaluation,  Porvorim and puts in a good word towards helping ease the procedure by holding a camp for the purpose of issuing  Aadhar cards to the homeless inmates in our various Shelter Homes.
Result : we are able to find a way and get the Aadhar cards made for the homeless.
☆ 2. He requests Doctors @ IPHB to assist us in our appointments for the Disability Certificate applications as most of the  homeless people rescued by us are either physically or mentally challenged. 
Result : Presently Individual Disability certificate are being issued. 
☆ 3. He requests Dy Director of Social Welfare, to conduct an inspection, which happens quickly and we submitt our file as required by them in early Feb 2021.
♡♡ B. My grateful thanks to  Dy Director , Social Welfare , Panjim , Mr Taha , a kind hearted and upright man,  who has been very very co- operative and understanding towards our NGO.
Right from inspecting our premises,  to the paper work,  to the follow up and lastly the  issuing of our CERTIFICATE,  he made me very comfortable and I never doubted that our REGISTRATION would be delayed. 
♡♡ C. Grateful to the  Director of Administration, GMC , Mr Dattaram Sardessai , who paved the way for our homeless men with physical disabilities to acquire the disability certificate from GMC .
Without identification its not possible to do these disability certificate.
Today we have the Aadhar cards of the homeless people , but the process started two months back. 
Here it is imperative that I mention that  all of the above 3 Government officials are cool , calm , ever ready to help and extremely considerate towards the poor and homeless,  ready to explain the rules patiently  v/s me always in a hurry and impatient .
Disappointment cropped up many times in these last 2 months but yet ….
♡♡ My sincere and grateful  thanks to all the DOCTORS , etc both at IPHB & GMC for their support and quick appointments. 
Today we are prepared to rehabilitate any number of poor homeless people who may be abandoned in GMC & IPHB as we are now a REGISTERED SHELTER HOME with the DEPARTMENT of SOCIAL WELFARE.
We are also ready to accept people with physical/mental disabilities from families incase they are looking for space to stay. 
Subject to availability of space of course
A fee will be charged for this service,  as we only provide free service  for the homeless street people and really poor goan families.
Lastly , under the Central Government scheme,  there is funding for short stay shelter homes for people with disabilities and since we have many homeless street people who are disabled, we are keen to apply for the funds as looking after disabled people is not an easy task both from financial point of view and human point of view. 
♡♡ We thank in advance Mr Taha & Mr Gaude ( who is a walking encyclopedia for all Government grants, rules and schemes ) for advising and supporting us in acquiring Central Government funds both for infrastructure and rehabilitation programs as we work for the poor, homeless and downtrodden disabled streets people in Goa.
Service to the homeless poor succeeds only when all partners involved work towards this common goal. 
♡♡ Dev Borem Korum!
Donald Fernandes 
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