24.4.2021  7 pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA stands with our front line covid warriors @ Mapusa Police Station by cleaning up their WASHROOMS.
Police personnel in Goa , are again this year started being the front line warriors in the fight against covid. 
Exactly 4 years back, we started our mission of working for the homeless street people and it was through MAPUSA POLICE STATION that we were able to start.
At that time the Dysp was Mr Dias & the PI was Mr Tushar Lotlikar.
Till date more than 160 + homeless men & women have been brought off the streets only through this Police station @ Mapusa.
Today there is a another Dysp but the PI is still Mr Lotlikar ( in between for many months the PI was transfered )
And believe me the staff of the entire Police station, under the command of 
PI Tushar Lotlikar has always been considerate and compassionate towards the homeless.
As a sign of Gratitude our homeless street men have decided to clean up WASHROOMS of THE POLICE STATIONS and the priority will be of those Police stations who have been active in getting the homeless of the streets. 
We started with Mapusa Police Station. 
Have you ever heard of anyone cleaning up WASHROOMS ?
Since most of our homeless men are picked from streets, where sanitation and hygiene is very bad,  cleaning of washrooms by them is not very tough. 
The men who basically are under going detoxification and rehabilitation,  can't just be fed and kept un occupied the whole day. 
Our homeless men are semi plumbers, mason's,  etc .
With such manpower,  why not allow them to put their skills to use .
Our homeless men  too wish to be part of this fight against COVID , and any front line warriors always wishes to enter into a clean and neat washroom.
Our homeless men a few months back even upgraded 2 toilets at Mapusa Police Station, one which is used exclusively for all the LPSI.
Quite often at this Police Station and other police stations we carry out fogging and sanitization which is done by these homeless men. 
If any other Police Station or outpost requires our free service,  the PI can always get in touch with us .
And mind you , we at Street Providence are here to serve the homeless as well as  those who support us in our mission of eradicating homelessness. 
May be once our free services of cleaning WASHROOMS are appreciated :
☆ 1. the Government may consider us on a small remuneration so that these homeless men can atleast earn a livelihood instead of begging on the streets. 
☆ 2. And we too can get few of our expenses met in running our homes. 
Rest assured this post is too encourage you if possible to go out there where ever you are and do something small for our FRONT LINE COVID Warriors .
No negative comments or criticism on this post about the Government,  as these are testing times for our FRONT LINE COVID WARRIORS. 
Each of these FRONT line covid warriors can be yours , ours or some ones brother, sister,  father,  mother, etc. 
If you can support the FRONT LINE COVID WARRIORS , please do , else relax. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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