Live From The Field

22.1.2021 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA works with homeless people in our rehabilitation homes (in Goa only) as well as we look after men & women whose families just cant look after due to many genuine reasons including poverty, mentally & physically challenged issues. 
All Free of cost with no charges at all to most of them. 
Look at the picture attached in this message which is just 1 of our such homes.
Most are genuinely homeless and lonely. 
Men look all clean, neat and tidy including well groomed. 
Yes they are not smiling .
But i can vouch that each and every one of these men are a source of motivation to me and my team .
This is the FRUIT OF OUR HARD WORK for the last 3 years .
If not for our homes, most of them would be still be on the streets of Goa and would not been around to see this day 
But this is not the way they were admitted or brought to our homes.
Most were :
▪︎Long hair & grumpy beard 
▪︎Long nails 
▪︎Sick with wounds and cuts
▪︎Liquor & substance abused
▪︎Rejected and abandoned by family 
▪︎Lost and sort of vagabond style .
▪︎Clatter and murmuring 
▪︎Water phobia 
With due :
☆ Care 
☆ Nutritious food 
☆ Weekly visit by doctor
☆ Continues medication and follow up 
☆ Human touch 
☆ Healthy living environment 
☆ Exercise and games 
Most of them are getting better if not better and today are close to being and living a normal human life .
But their medication is what needs to be given faithfully.
And this medication costs us alot of money.
Attached a list of their monthly medications of all our homes where 80% of our people are under psychiatric medication. 
We require your monthly support with these medications if you can commit to the cause. 
We get 15 % discount at a particular pharmacy. 
We feel proud and happy that all our men's homes are run by these same men who once were in depression and unclean themselves, on the streets of Goa, but today they are staying back in Thanksgiving for their life being put back on track and are caring for those who just cant take care of themselves. 
Especially the old and infirmed. 
Its not a easy or cheap task at all especially when we totally depend on public donations and the requests for admissions into our homes are daily increasing. 
With Petrol prices hitting the roof automatically other costing too go haywire and that's the biggest issue
If we were charging fees it would be a different case .
Here it's only THE WORD OF GOD & THE FAVOUR OF GOD that we are able to carry on and preparing to look after by April 21 another 50 more homeless taking our homeless number to 150 in all our homes. 
The lockdown and the current pandemic is causing the homeless on the streets to increase daily and I feel sad & disappointed at times that due to lack of space or a big big home we can't do much. 
Kindly support us through any way you can.
You can pay :
☆ Our medical Bill's 
☆ Our food and ration Bill's 
☆ For petrol vouchers 
Or you can donate to our Trust and we offer you income tax exemption under 80G.
But the work will go on but will not stop as God provides through benefactors like you who are inspired by God.
We operate only through WhatsApp on 8380097564 
All donations with your pan card copy and strictly through Cheque / NEFT .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848