3.6.2020 6 pm IST
Please forward to family & friends. 

STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA , has started a RATION BANK and we request you to please donate generously, every month to this cause in the form of food grains .
Yes, ration to Feed our poor Goan Families across rural Goa once a month. 
Street Providence distributed on 1.6.2020 more than 500 such ration pkts to families across 
☆ QUEPEM 65 nos
☆ RIVONA 150 nos
☆ SANGUEM 50 nos
☆ Majorda/Utorda – 40
☆ Shiroda – 30
☆ Mapa, Panchwadi- 20 
☆ Mardol, Verna- 40
☆ Agonda, Canacona- 30
☆ Quepem(quisconda)- 40
☆ Quepem (Cordem)- 35
Thanks to our volunteers 
Who in the scorching heat on 1st june loaded and delivered at the above places. 
Thanks to our homeless men at our MARGAO HOME who packed 
▪︎ 1000 kgs rice 
▪︎ 500 kgs sugar 
▪︎ 500 kgs phova 
▪︎ 300 kgs onions 
▪︎ 200 kgs potatoes 
My interactions as I move and meet people in rural Goa makes me present to you that we need to help our poor goan families who are too affected by the lockdown and alot of families have lost their source of income and jobs .
They are not complaining and even if they want to complain there is no one to hear them .
For July 2020 we intend to help 1000 such families across rural Goa.
We intend to increase 500 families every month till the monsoon gets over .
You can donate ration to us in 
Porvorim NORTH GOA & 
by the 20th of every month .
Families also require :
▪︎Cooking oil 
▪︎Bathing soap. 
▪︎Washing powder 
▪︎Tea leaves 
▪︎Match boxes 
Few families require medication monthly .
Plenty of them cant even afford to pay their electricity bills ranging from rs 150 to rs 200 .
Its like little for us yet too much for them .
You can also come along with the volunteers to deliver the ration on 1st July to see the reality of our poor goan families in far flung places across GOA in your car.
We have not posted pictures of the families but only of the volunteers and the packed ration .
We offer All your donations TAX EXEMPTIONS under 80 G.
If we are still holding on to our jobs, your business is still running or our families are financially stable then let's THANK GOD and sow whatever we can into this project .
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848