Live From The Field

22.5.2020 2 pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST, GOA has been busy being part of providing food, rehabilitation, medicines and other services during the COVID 19 situation. 
No. 1
Bernard a goan homeless man , has been with us for over 8 months , and had cataract in both eyes .
Drove us nuts as he could not use the washrooms. No care giver wanted to look after him . I had to literally beg with the care givers to tolerate him .
Before the lockdown, his 1 eye operation was fixed but cancelled, finally last week , DR RYAN DCOSTA , MARGAO, did his operation FREE OF COST.
Thanks to RUBIO from MARGAO who is volunteering with us handling BERNARD for the last 3 months and did all the running around. 
No 2.
Last week a man infected with HIV & TB was spotted by MAHESH GOVEKAR in PANJIM , on the roadside aimlessly .
On inquiring, MAHESH realised the lockdown has made this man homeless.
See the video of MAHESH .
We take the man into our home and then realise he also has TB & requires an injection daily .
Any nurse in and around MARGAO who can come daily anytime and inject him please LET ME KNOW .
No 3.
A Goan man Samson , going to difficult times , amputated both legs .
Was introduced to me by AKASH on 1 of my trips which I undertook to understand how goan people are suffering in interior parts of Goa .
( Very often I travel across GOA understanding how our own GOAN PEOPLE are suffering due to poverty. )
The day I met Samson , previous night his wheelchair broke.
We sent him a new wheelchair though ROY RODRICKS from MARGAO who is our volunteer within 2 days .
Samson requires also a 
Washing machine &
Music system 
If anyone can help us do let us know .
We have committed to provide him his monthly 
Ration &
Pay his electricity Bill monthly .

No 4.
Another Goan man INACIO from CACORA , was homeless and just having no place to go. 
Lost his Job due to the COVID 
AKASH again brought him to our notice and we did his police NOC and rehabilitated him in our home. 
Even during COVID we are daily feeding 1500 meals to both Goans & labourers in many areas across Goa .
We feed daily:
▪︎  Outside IPHB & GMC every morning             mixed,
▪︎ Old GOA food bank afternoon goans , 
▪︎ GMC colony afternoon labourers ,
▪︎ Nagoa & Calangute afternoon                       labourers ,
▪︎ Mapusa bus stand evening labourers,
▪︎ Khorlim late evening goans ,
▪︎ Margao afternoon labourers & goans ,
▪︎ Velim / San jose de areal food bank in         the afternoon goans ,
▪︎ Panjim late night labourers .
One of our trustees provides light food daily to senior citizens with her team in about 4 villages of north GOA. 
Plus we provide daily 3 meals to our 100 homeless destitude people in our homes which r both goans and non goans .
Covid has stopped all food coming to our food bank fridges. 
Often our destitutes are taken to hospitals for regular visits and a few were admitted and treated for multiple sickness. 
I appeal to you to please support us as expenses are rising.
We require daily: 
▪︎ 3000 poies / bakris @ rs 3
▪︎ 1500 eggs @ rs 3.8
▪︎  3000 bannas @ rs 2
In between we distribute dry ration to the labourers and our goans .
On All your donations we are offering you 80 G tax exemptions .
Donations till JUNE 20 can be accepted for MARCH 20 accounts for 80 G exemption .
From 2.3.2020 , those who have donated and not yet received your receipt please message me your 
Phone no .
We will hand deliver the recept if in GOA or WhatsApp you the receipt so that you can file your ITAX returns for 19- 20 .
Just like its difficult for most of us due to the lockdown, imagine the life the labourers and the homeless are going through. 
Celebrate your birthdays, functions , anniversary , special moments by feeding the poor .
Be rest assured and see with your eyes your donation being used for the poor & homeless 
You too can join in the feeding but we require min 5 days notice. 
As usual I operate only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564 . No calling please 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848